A Call to Freedom and Personal Power

This meditation and journaling exercise is interactive in a way that no other offering on the Internet is today. It is called “Chase a Whisper Through a Secret Door to Find Your Place of Power”

Today’s the day to break free from the walls that surround you. It’s time to stop living someone else’s life, and to start living your own. Today’s the day to manifest the reality you want to live in for the rest of your life.

In the Joyful Wisdom Community, we’re committed to you living from your heart, rather than from other people’s desires or needs. We want you to own yourself and your time, rather than having your whole life be owned by others.

Chase a Whisper Through a Secret Door to Find Your Place of Power

Image courtesy of: Vern Hart, Salt Lake City, UT, US
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Only you can determine what freedom and personal power means to you. We invite you to choose your destiny in an energy exercise and meditation called, Chase a Whisper Through a Secret Door to Find Your Place of Power.” This exercise will guide you to use your intuition to find your own unique door into personal freedom and personal power.

Once you’ve located your escape hatch, you’ll use breathing, journaling, and inner silence to create a breakthrough in your life—a real pathway to getting where it is that you choose to go.

What is the Webpage?

Click this link:  Chase a Whisper Through a Secret Door to Find Your Place of Power
or paste this webpage in your browser to navigate to the meditation: http://www.joyfulwisdom.org/chasewhisper.php

Why do I need to use a computer for this meditation?

This is a computer-guided journaling exercise and meditation that you will be able to use for the foreseeable future whenever you need to manifest a new reality in your life. Practice it several times while it’s fresh in your memory to make sure that you’ll remember do this exercise whenever it would be useful to use it.

Is it worthwhile doing this meditation exercise more than once?

Frequently, when I redo “Chase a Whisper Through a Secret Door to Find Your Place of Power,” I raise the starting point, the baseline, and the goals to a higher level than before.

Suppose I’ve just found my Place of Power by doing the exercise one single time. When I do it a second time, I’m starting from the new Place of Power that I just created. And the third time, I start at my second Place of Power. And on and on and on. It just gets better.

Of course, we all sometimes experience the frustration of two steps forward, one, two, or three steps back. That happens with this meditation, too, and it often merely means that we the solution we found wasn’t quite deep enough. We might, for example, be dealing with an very deeply buried wound from something that happened long ago, and we may need to come at it from a variety of different directions before we reach our full potential in that area.

Repeating this exercise is useful in both situations—when you’re dealing with an old and deep wound or when you’re moving, step-by-step to a higher level of personal power.

So please take some time and use the webpage above to experience it for yourself. Be sure that you:

  • Follow every step, including setting your preference on the introduction page.
  • Use the breathing steps with full concentration—otherwise, you’re wasting your time.
  • Don’t rush through the inner silence steps, because rushing through them counteracts the benefits your mind receives from doing this exercise.
  • Even after doing the exercise by yourself, come to a public presentation of it.

When you have finished the process, please share your experience on this feedback page in the Comments section to help us improve our work.

Your Place of Power is before you.

Go and take it.

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