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Create Growth-Oriented, Insightful Relationships with People You Select from Your Own Life
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Our Vision is to Transform the Planet through Conversation and Relationship
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Experience a Unique Coaching Relationship that Will Help You Transform Your Life to Whatever You Choose
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Note: The Joyful Wisdom Community was named “Clarity” when I made these graphics.

Attend a Group that's Targeted at Your ConcernsTestimonial: The Health and Wellness group has been a highlight of my week for four months now. I felt very welcomed and encouraged by Cougar and Dave; and Alan, who I introduced, feels the same warm support. We share insights and brainstorm, as well as keep logs of our progress in chosen areas of our life to which we wish to commit and strengthen. In fact seeing a graph is what drew me to making contact. We also share poetry and various forms of inspiration.

We have mainly been doing the Talking Mirror, Talking Stick and the Chrysalis, as well as working through apps from the Joyful Wisdom Journey interactive curriculum. These tools foster a shift into a new mind/heart space where a new potential gels. I also appreciate the care that these processes foster in actively listening to one another, with mind and heart.

It is a wonderful thing to feel truly heard and have confirmation of it—just listened to and supported without judgement or trying to change according to someone’s agenda. It’s also quite special how the friendships are subtly forming and deeply strengthening with a strong basis of respect and caring.

Recently we have been including energy healing and it just seems to grow stronger week by week. I feel delighted to have this empowering and healing connection in my life.

Oh! We also recently had a celebration, singing The Hallelujah chorus – a little worse for wear due to Internet time lag – but great fun nonetheless.
Ursula Maierl, Kyoto, Japan

Our Joyful Wisdom Groups provide insight, growth, and wisdom about such topics as health, job search, self-esteem, parenting, marketing for healers, and much more.

Please check our calendar for the most up-do-date list of available groups. The Agenda Tab will provide you with a list that shows the complete names of all groups. Click the group to see phone-in details.

Please visit our Joyful Wisdom Conversations for All page for more information about each existing group, as well as those which we have planned. If this page doesn’t have up-to-date information about the specific group you’re interested in, please contact cougar.b @ gmail.com.

Choose from Practical Online Processes that Solve Real-World IssuesTestimonial: (App #1) What a treasure the Gendlin Focusing tool is! I used it recently to look at something which has bothered me for a long time; a romantic relationship that I’ve been reluctant to let go of. The process that the app took me through gave me an insight into the way an unresolved issue from my early life, rejection by my parents, is confusing and disempowering me. The process helped me to see the part that these feelings have been playing.

During the last phase of the focusing exercise, I chose to learn more about attachment theory and to recognize that the feeling that I ‘have to’ have some sort of relationship with this person, whose company I enjoy so much, is less about him than I had thought. I have learnt from the research that the app process prompted me to do, that I must mourn earlier losses of unconditional love and the unrequited longing for it; they are my business and unconnected with my charismatic friend.

(App #2) I have used another app a couple of times and gained valuable insights from its use as well. ‘Chase a Whisper through a Secret Door to Find Your Place of Power’ really has done that for me. Yesterday I went through this app’s process and moved from a place of uncertainty and fearfulness to a calm place with a goal.

I am facing unemployment in a few months at a time when hundreds of my peers will be also looking for work (due to very large state government funding cuts). I feel like jumping ship early to avoid the competition and delay in getting further work, but don’t want to leave workmates short-staffed nor clients abandoned.

The process, with its movement between focusing and detaching, led me to recognition that whatever happens, my goal should be the same: to find a job which is satisfying. My Place of Power is a fair and reasonable one. It is okay for me to want and seek for myself, what I would want for others. Knowing that ‘supply’ will be soon exceeding ‘demand’ in the job marketplace, is not a reason to devalue myself and my needs in my own estimation.

Other times I have used the app, the Place of Power that my intuition and the processes of the app have found, has been different. ‘Chase a Whisper…” is a flexible, empowering and inspirational tool.
Siobhan, Australia

The Joyful Wisdom Journey is a set of 350 applications that Cougar has assembled and written, based on an inspiration from 1976. For three years, starting in 1999, he taught these every two weeks in Grok Circles in Berkeley. When we have obtained our 501c3, Cougar will negotiate the transfer the ownership of these applications to the Joyful Wisdom Community so that it can become an open-source repository of the world’s wisdom.

Please check the List of Our Existing Applications to see what is already finished and available and what will be coming soon. Currently, six are available, as well as several trance meditations which you can download.

For a tour through the 350 applications that will eventually be built as computer apps, visit the the Joyful Wisdom Journey Tour page.

Create Growth-Oriented, Insightful Relationships with People You Select from Your Own Life

Our very first program was the Joyful Wisdom Buddy Co-Mentoring Program, and we tested it for a year. We didn’t know exactly how to pass it on, so this very useful and powerful practice is currently suspended.

After trying a couple of Chrysalises in groups, through coaching, or with a friend, think about what it would be like to have a Joyful Wisdom Buddy or three who would have these Joyful Wisdom Conversations with you every week. (There are other Joyful Wisdom Conversations, but the Chrysalis is the most important.) Imagine that your entire circle of friends was closer, more insightful, more authentic, and more present by using these methods.

For more information about what this would be like, read the page, “The First Step on the Yellow Brick Road: Powerful Joyful Wisdom Conversations.”

You can learn about the techniques by clicking “Basic Co-Mentoring.” We recommend that you read everything on the Conversations menu, which is at the top of the page, just under the main Joyful Wisdom Community title above the picture.

To request the Joyful Wisdom Buddy program, use our Contact form that you can reach from the Contact button on the menu. Since the program is currently suspended, it helps to request this program with a friend who is also interested.

Our Vision is to Transform the Planet through Conversation and RelationshipWe believe that it is possible to build a world where community, heart connection, wisdom, and peace govern all lands, not by imposing anything but by growing connections between peoples, neighbors, family members, lovers, friends, and business associates. Through the use of the Joyful Wisdom Conversations, we have each grown so much further in ourselves and in our souls than through any other means that we have tried.

We sometimes feel like we’re in an alternate reality. It’s a little like being in Oz. Just like Dorothy and her companions, we discover our courage, our hearts, our wisdom, and the way home. And we think that the more people who experience this, the better the world will be.

For a longer description of what we have discovered, please read “Toto—I’ve a Feeling We’re Not in Kansas Anymore.” For an example of the type of explorations that we value, please go to the Joyful Wisdom Community Calendar, and find the next discussion group on Partitioning and Violence.

This group will give you a taste of the revolutionary power of our vision.

Experience a Unique Coaching Relationship that Will Help You Transform Your Life to Whatever You ChooseTestimonial: I want you to know that my experience with you on the phone was… shocking , mind-blowing – which is just what I needed… to be shaken from my certainties. I was impressed by the depths you could reach in such a short time, how profoundly you followed your intuition and on the exactitude of your words. I realized there and then you had the gift of a true helper.
Teresa, Luxemburg

This is not currently a Joyful Wisdom Community Program. However, the Board of Directors is discussing how to build a program for training and employing coaches into our system. We would like to do this, but we don’t know if we can.

Cougar was offering free coaching to many, many people, and we encouraged him to turn it into a business. He resisted this suggestion at the beginning, but eventually, his financial situation forced him to accept the wisdom of our recommendations.

For more details and testimonials, see Cougar’s Coaching Profile.