Apps for Tackling Any Challenge or Achieving Any Goal

Most of this page is about do-it-yourself practices. For two-person practices, read The Secret Practice of Old-Timers in Joyful Wisdom: Co-Mentoring and Supplementary Methods. For group practices, read The Empowering Practice of Conversational Yoga and Master Your Fundamental Skills in Our Intense Joyful Wisdom Groups.

The absolutely free tools that are available on this page, all by themselves, will utterly change your life the moment you take the time to use them. Choose the most useful of the apps below and schedule half an hour or so.

Every time you’re facing a challenge, attempting to solve a problem, or dealing with emotional issues of any sort, read the options on this page, choose one, and work through it. They will always give you what you need.

  • Chase a Whisper Through a Secret Door to Find Your Place of Power. Use this application once every week or two to help you find paths into the future that are not part of your normal habits. Imagine that you’re the man in this picture, and just by doing this process, you can walk through that door into a new reality. This is what this meditation is for. Please schedule walking through that door into your new life regularly, because refreshing that reality causes it to become clearer and more permanent.
    Chase a Whisper Through a Secret Door to Find Your Place of Power
    Image courtesy of: Vern Hart, Salt Lake City, UT, US
    Original Image || Flickr profile || Twitter
  • The Be Your Own Guru Daily Planning Method. Use this application once a week or once every few days for reviewing humdrum, ordinary plans that don’t excite you very much. Use it to plan letters, blogs, projects, and other things where you’re blocked and you just don’t feel any motivation to do things that you know you should do. Imagine that you’re the woman in this picture, and just by doing this process, you can consult your inner guides and transform your plans into something that expresses your heart’s deepest truth.

    The Be Your Own Guru Daily Planning Method

    Image courtesy of:Susan B Price
    Original Image || Flickr profile || Mad in Pursuit blog

  • Focus In Deeply to Discern the Hidden Messages in Your Emotions. Use this meditation, which was inspired by the work of a brilliant psychologist and philosopher,  Eugene Gendlin, when you’re feeling blocked about something that you need or want desperately to do, when you absolutely hate or despise what you’re committed to doing, when you’re confused about what you feel about a relationship, or when something just doesn’t feel right and you can’t figure out why. Like the man in this picture, peering inward doesn’t give you a clear answer. This tool will help you find that answer.

    Focus In Deeply to Discern the Hidden Messages in Your Emotions

    Image courtesy of: Vern Hart,Salt Lake City, UT, US
    Original Image || Flickr profile || Twitter

  • In a Journal, Complete your Relationships with People or Concerns. This is an exceedingly powerful method developed by Jungian psychologist Ira Progoff which will enable you to delve deeply into your relationship with the different parts of your life by combining the powerful methods of transformation available through both journal work and meditation.  You’ll meditate on your relationship with people, groups, organizations, your body, your goals, and the situations you face. Then in the journal process, you’ll begin a really deep, clear, and insightful conversation with that part of your life. With people, you’ll develop rapport or even telepathic connections. You’ll learn to collaborate with your body more lovingly, overcome blocks, and maneuver more successfully through all of your problems and enthusiasms.

    In a Journal, Complete your Relationships with People or Concerns

    Image courtesy of: Mateusz Stachowski, Poland
    Original Image || SXC profile || Galeria

  • Use Inner Silence to Be More Thoughtful Throughout your Daily Life. Use this Wisdom Tool to ensure that you consistently take the time to thoughtfully choose the wisest course before leaping into action. Use it to transform automatic life patterns into conscious, well-considered choices, for instance by exploring why you’re resisting doing the right things, or refusing to accept what you know to be true. Use it for planning,taking breaks which support your projects, working with affirmations, and preparing to respond to letters or other communications. Use it whenever you feel upset or trapped, or when not in touch with your personal power.

    Use Inner Silence to Be More Thoughtful Throughout your Daily Life

    Image courtesy of: Henk L,
    Amsterdam, Holland, Netherlands
    Original Image || SXC profile

  • Conscious Evolution: Boost What You Will Become. Use this Wisdom Tool to learn the habit of constantly examining yourself to find good attitudes, qualities, habits, and energy movement that you appreciate so much that you’ll naturally seek to evolve it even further. Use this meditation to harness your chi energy by focusing it on energizing, improving, and expanding the best things about yourself. Use it to experience the benefits of “compound interest” in your personal growth—allowing you to move into areas of growth and evolution that you couldn’t even imagine previously.

    Conscious Evolution: Boost What You Will Become

    Image courtesy of: David Yamasaki, San Diego, CA, USA || Original Image || Flickr profile

Free Trance Downloads that Will Eventually Be Apps

You can also download any trance meditation recordings in my shared Google Drive folders for free. You can view and download these recordings using the following link. This takes you into the main folder. In the main folder, there are several subfolders, as described below.

You may download these until I create some trance apps. The trance apps will also be free on the internet, but they’ll be better than these.

In the apps, you’ll be able to customize all of your trance experiences by choosing from a variety of trance inductions and relaxation intros for any trance app. The apps will also guide you more gracefully through the preparation steps for each trance.

There will be 180 or more trance apps. That is to say, I have written plans for 180 apps, but I seem to keep making more as I go. On the Joyful Wisdom Journey website, you will be able to easily navigate to the exact trance meditation that matches your exact needs, goals, problems, and aspirations.

Please check back regularly. I’ll be adding new recordings to each folder and new folders as well. Bookmark this page to keep up to date with the trance recordings available, and use the other apps, too.

That’s also the best way to know when I turn these recordings into apps.


(FOLDER) Tune In to an Important Person in Trance by Shape-Shifting

Practice the trance exercise “Tune In to the Important People in Your Life by Shape-Shifting” when you want to deeply understand a person, a chakra, a group, a nation, or a species from the inside, rather than simply understanding it conceptually. It will help you to crystallize what you can learn from this person on the deepest level through meditating on them. Use it to understand an unusual emotional reaction to a person in your life, in fiction, or from a movie.

In this folder, you’ll see two files:

  • (File name: COMPLETE–TuneInImportantPeopleShapeShift26_55.mp3. This is 26 minutes and 55 seconds long.)
    (File name: TuneInImportantPeopleShapeShift24_15.mp3. This is 24 minutes and 15 seconds long.)

The longer one–the one marked “COMPLETE” is similar to the shorter one, but it also includes a brief tension/relaxation introduction. Use this version to make sure that your tension does not interfere with your experience. If you’re generally a relaxed individual, use the other one. Both versions use a trance induction that’s in a different folder called, “ShapeshiftingStabilityAgilityIntuition16_16.mp3.” The two recordings fit together very well.

(FOLDER) Relax Tension and Stress

Use the stress-buster exercise “Eliminate Tension by Reinforcing a Habit of Relaxed Living” to tone and relax all of the tension in your body, and at the same time, inoculate yourself against having it come back. Use it to understand what it is that you do that causes your tension so deeply that you can easily stop creating this discomfort that you so skillfully create for yourself. Use it to cultivate a habit of living in a relaxed manner by clarifying and augmenting your motivation, thus bringing about change easily and joyfully. (File name: EliminateTensionReinforceHabitRelaxedLife8_55.mp3. This is 8 minutes and 55 seconds long.)

Use the stress-buster exercise “Relax Your Body by Clearing It with a Beautiful Disk of Energy” to invoke positive chi energy to release the negative causes of tension in your body. Use it to heal your emotional and spiritual reasons for tension and to bring peaceful healing energy into your entire body. Practice it regularly to balance your chi energy, while simultaneously releasing toxic attitudes and wounds from the past. (File name: BeautifulEnergyDiskRelax9_37.mp3. This is 9 minutes and 37 seconds long.)

(FOLDER) Trance Inductions for your Own Suggestions & Programs

Into this folder, I will eventually put some instructions for how to use trance without a recorded program. In the meantime, you can use the trance instructions that are there in whatever way seems right. Follow your intuition. Some of these inductions are valuable meditations in their own right, such as the Shape-Shifting induction.

You can use the lengthy trance induction “Enter Trance by Shape-Shifting Your Energy” to access your intuition in a neutral way, when you know that you might otherwise distort the intuition because of your biases; as a trance exercise, this induction helps you to break free from your personal ego and habitual point of view. In addition, use it to learn to improve yourself by taking on qualities that you admire in others, as well as awakening qualities and faculties that lie dormant within you. (File name: ShapeshiftingStabilityAgilityIntuition16_16.mp3. This is 16 minutes and 16 seconds long.)


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