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The Real Deal: What the Mayan Elders Really Say About 12/21/12

The Mayan Council of Elders commissioned “Shift of the Ages” to bring their message to you.  Stream this movie for free until December 21. This cut-off date has been extended to January 15. This movie is still available by going the Shift of the Ages website by clicking the image below.


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Practical Ways to Remove the Walls and Connect from the Heart

Test Yourself

In your mind, create an imaginary scale or meter. At one end, there is a number 10 and the words, “I believe this completely.” At the other end, there is a number 1 and the words, “When I say this, I feel like a complete phony.”

Imagine that you’re a debating hall, and whether or not you win the debate depends on how completely you believe the following phrases. Which ones work for you, and which do not?

  • We are all one, and I view everyone I see as part of me.
  • We’re all connected, and I’m affected by everyone’s problems, feelings, and issues.
  • I feel love for everyone in the world, and I have no one left to forgive.

Read more about how I learned to use inner silence to break down the walls between people.