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Combine Your Joyful Wisdom Conversations with Apps to Enhance Your Insights

I did a Wisdom Council awhile back with a Joyful Wisdom buddy. I was able to work through a lot of feelings and discovered that I was resisting using some of the Joyful Wisdom tools because of negative memories about other groups I was in several years ago that split up. I was blocked because I was afraid to help build another community. It was an emotional Wisdom Council, but opened up a lot of possibility. One choice I made was to subscribe to the Joyful Wisdom tools and really start using them. I subscribed to the apps that same day.
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How to Lie to Yourself for Fun and Profit

What stops us from following our hearts? You CAN resolve this conflict.

Following the Heart Is Impossible

Following our hearts sometimes seems too scary to choose. Why is that? Why is the voice of the heart so easily extinguished? Why do so few people actually base their entire existences on living from their hearts?

For many, following the heart is a dream that we often put off because of all the reality responsibilities that always crowd in around us throughout our lives, obscuring all possibility of breaking through into your most desired life. The dictates of money and of what we call survival are so powerful and so compelling that to depart from the single path that society has mapped out for us seems utterly impossible.
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