How the Mechanism of Inner Silence Works

“Inner silence” is our phrase in the Joyful Wisdom System for a specific mechanism that we can harness to find wisdom in our daily lives. Anyone of us who thinks about this topic scientifically understands that no one is really silent inside unless they are dead.

So it is true that this phrase is inaccurate, but it does point the way to a mechanism that is extremely valuable to people who master it. The best way to understand this mechanism is to understand how our group method, the Chrysalis Wisdom Council, works.

Honestly, it’s really hard to listen to other people, because we all feel that our own ideas and judgments are brilliant. It’s a cliché that while were listening, most of us are preparing our responses in our minds.

Immediately after someone speaks in a Chrysalis, it’s just normal for us to immediately stop thinking deeply about them and start preparing our own thoughts. The second step in the Chrysalis — right after one of the people speak — is for us to just notice how busy our minds are in analyzing, judging, preparing our own brilliant responses, and all the other things we do. We call this second step “Acknowledge thoughts and feelings.”

In the third step, which is called “Inner Silence,” we set all of our thoughts aside and go to the emptiest state of mind that we can manage to create. When we do this, we temporarily let go of all of our brilliance, all of our judgments, and all of the answers that we’ve come up with. To get the benefit of this “inner silence,” all we have to do is turn off the chatterbox for a few seconds.

When we come back to our thoughts, it’s hard to remember them all. That’s the whole point of using “inner silence” in a conversation. The only thoughts that you can actually remember easily after the inner silence are the most thoughtful, most important, most insightful, and most brilliant.

All of the rest of the thoughts and reactions have gone into the garbage can. The most reactive thoughts are gone. Only the ones that are most guided by your inner wisdom returned to you — if you’ve really, really tried to let go of your brilliance by actually being silent inside.

There are a lot more important aspects of inner silence that are described on this website (in the Inner Silence Category), but this is the mechanism that we use in our group meetings and in some of our most powerful automated apps.

For more information about using inner silence, click the Inner Silence Category in the sidebar for a list of other blog posts about it.


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  1. Great! I have that down and it is very effective.

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