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(Blog with Jokes) How to Be a Lazy Workaholic

I’m pretty skillful at creating really useful and organized to-do lists. It’s the crossing off part that causes me problems.

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Humor: Am I Old Enough to Do This?

(This humor blog is not prejudiced against old age. At 66 years of age, some would say that I’m just a few houses down the block from death’s door myself. I don’t have many years left to make old age jokes. So get over yourselves.)

Matilda is 102, and she has finally accepted the idea that computers are not just a fad like hula-hoops. Seventy-five-year-old Gertrude had finally convinced her friend Matilda to start using a computer (during her regular volunteer work at the nursing home) by showing her cute kitten videos on YouTube. Two days later, Gertrude’s phone rang. Continue reading

How to Be Sexy

​A few months ago, I was really challenged by clutter, and when I tried to face the piles of unfiled papers, I would run screaming. Finally, I gave myself the ultimately ultimate ultimatum. Until I at least clean up that pile of papers and junk in the corner, No More Chocolate!!!

So I worked on that pile for several days, organizing, filing, and throwing things out—which was the hardest part. That’s when I made the discovery. I found my piano.

I began playing the piano again, after years of neglect. And I’m obsessive. I practice for hours, determined to regain my former glory. It won’t be long before I’ve finally perfected my first masterpiece once again: Chop Sticks.

I’ll invite you all over when I’m ready. We’ll have a potluck, and after we’re relaxed, and I’m sure everyone is comfortable, I’ll play my piece. But don’t worry, I’ll let you all know when to applaud.

It’ll be great! I can’t wait!​


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