About this Blog

The purpose of the Joyful Wisdom Community blog is to provide:

  1. Tools for people who are Joyful Wisdom Buddies in the Joyful Wisdom Community. This includes downloads of communication tool instructions and planning documents that you can use to organize your interactions with your personal community.
  2. A mechanism to enable members of the Joyful Wisdom Community to leave feedback for me and for other people who choose to help develop this organization. This will enable you to brainstorm new ideas for this organization and communicate them to the right people–namely, everyone else.
  3. A location that is simple to edit, so that it will facilitate the day when the Joyful Wisdom Curriculum is open-source.
  4. A location where people can leave feedback and suggestions for any of the core practices or supplementary practices.


On this page, please leave any comments and questions you wish to leave. I’m especially interested in hearing about other things you’d like this blog to provide to support your growth.

Thank you.

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