EVENT ARCHIVE: Energy Flash Mob

This is one of the better programs that we tried out that is currently on hold.

I’ve received requests to reestablish this practice, but to date, I haven’t had the ability to do so. Volunteers would facilitate me doing this.

A New World Becoming Energy Flash Mob

The Joyful Wisdom Community is organizing an Energy Flash Mob—a thirty-minute teleconference—to send healing energy to our culture, our planet, and ourselves.

As more people around the world become aware of the falseness of our systems & societal agreements, a New World is Becoming! And what will it Become? Let’s gather in a Flash Mob to bring our heartfelt energies together to bring in a New World of love, and justice, and respect, and abundance, and…. what will you add to this world?

Our previous Flash Mobs have accomplished much in each participant, both the “Mobee” and “Mobbers”! Circumstances have changed, new ideas have arrived, and love was shared with all in the circle.

Let’s visualize the people of our planet experiencing a fresh start, in which everything in our world is seen through new eyes, including in our home and work lives, our political systems, and our global culture. Lets visualize our entire human society respecting the needs of our planet and taking part in community efforts to maintain it in the pristine condition that we originally found it.

It is our world and we must care for it as a whole, not defining it by governments and borders. Let’s visualize ourselves breaking down the barriers of language and culture, communicating with one another through the language of our hearts, and understanding that we are connected with everyone from all parts of the world. Let’s visualize the delightful, magical, transformed new world that we can create as our global masterpiece, that we can cherish as we all ascend into higher realms of possibility.

 Please join us for a “New World Becoming” Energy Flash Mob.

Please forward this announcement to friends who understand what we’re doing.


  • Central European Time: Saturday, April 14, 11:00 PM.
  • Greenwich Mean Time: Saturday, April 14, 10:00 PM.
  • Atlantic Standard Time: Saturday, April 14, 6:00 PM
  • Eastern Standard Time: Saturday, April 14, 5:00 PM.
  • Central Standard Time: Saturday, April 14, 4:00 PM.
  • Mountain Standard Time: Saturday, April 14, 3:00 PM.
  • Pacific Standard Time: Saturday, April 14, 2:00 PM.
  • Eastern Daylight Time in Melbourne Australia: Sunday, April 15, 7:00 AM.
  • Japan Standard Time Kyoto, Japan: Sunday, April 15, 6:00 AM.

We don’t know who will show up, but we’ve invited people from Europe, South America, North America, and Australia

Step 1:     Phone +1 (805) 309-2350. 
(If you cannot use the phone, Skype to Turbobridge. After searching for this contact, select: Turbobridge HD Conferencing.)

Step 2:     Enter the conference code on your key pad: the numbers 252-7489 or the letters “Clarity.”

Note: To find the key pad in Skype, click the Call menu on the menu bar, and then select “Show Dial Pad.” See comment #3 for more details about using Skype.

Try to be on time, but if you can’t, there will be no entry chime to disturb the meeting.

Here’s what will happen.

  1. Holly will talk about our vision for an evolved culture and planet for up to five minutes. Take that time to tune in to your own intuitions about the coming transformation of the planet.
  2. Cougar will lead you in breathing energy through your heart and sending it to the planet, the culture, those in need, and ourselves—for three to  five minutes.
  3. Raise your hand by pressing *5 (the star key and the 5 key on your keypad). Then state your own visualization for the future.


Do you need a flash mob to pray for you? It would be a gift to this community for you to ask for this, because we all feel the positive results of doing this work. We need your request.

Leave your request in the comment box below, or send a private request through the Contact Page.

3 responses to “EVENT ARCHIVE: Energy Flash Mob

  1. Please tell Peg that I can’t participate, but I send her healing thoughts.

    (Editor’s Note: Peg was the recipient of a previous Energy Flash Mob. What we’ve discovered is that people who tune in to these events both give and gain some of the benefits that people who attend give and receive.)

  2. I’m not sure if I will be available to help out or not, but if I can, I would like to use skype. I’ve only used it once before and need assistance figuring out how to get with the group on this. Can you tell me how to do this?

  3. Hi, Teresa,

    Thank you for asking. I didn’t realize that Skype had hidden the Dial Pad, so I’m glad you asked. I will need to create a Skype tutorial for future calls.

    Step 1:
    In Skype, click the Contacts menu, and on the menu, select, “Add a Contact.” A new dialog box opens up. In the box that says, “Full name,” type “Turbobridge”.

    Step 2:
    Skype will do its thing, for a minute, and then a button will show up that says, 3 matches found. Click the button. One of the matches is for sales, one is for technical support, and one is called, “Turbobridge HD Conferencing.”

    Step 3:
    Select this last option. When you ask Turbobridge to confirm your connection, it takes a minute, but it’s automatic. There’s no one who has to approve your request.

    Step 4: Once you have an approved connection, use it to phone in with no video.

    Step 5: When you are prompted to enter the conference id, click the Call menu on the menu bar. On this menu, select “Show Dial Pad.” This will give you the option to type in the conference ID above, which is the same as the letters, SendEnergy

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