Invent a New Future with the Clear Choice Conversation

The attachment on this page is a picture of the .pdf file that you can download by clicking this link:  The Clear Choice Conversation or Journal. This is a powerful conversation that focuses on one person’s concerns or goals and takes two hours or so.

Ashara, my wife, ClearChoiceConversationOrJournal_Page_1used these prompts with me in 1998 when I invented the Chrysalis, which is the signature method used in all Joyful Wisdom Groups.

To use this method with another person, print up a copy of the .pdf file in the above link of “The Clear Choice Conversation or Journal.” Then one of the two people (called “the Listener”) agrees to facilitate the personal explorations of the other (called “the Speaker”).

The Listener reads the first prompt from the first of four columns to the Speaker. The Speaker repeats this prompt and completes the sentence, adding as many other sentences as is needed to complete his or her thoughts.

For example, the Listener will prompt the Speaker with “Things feel bad…”

Then the Speaker repeats the prompt and completes the sentence. “Things feel bad… when I don’t know what the next step in my campaign is. It’s like, I try and try and try to figure out a rational approach to it, but everything I come up with feels wrong.”

Then the Listener paraphrases what the Speaker said: “So you’re feeling bad about every option that you come up with. Is that right?” The Speaker might agree with the Listeners paraphrase, clarify a missing point, or correct the Listener’s faulty understanding or interpretation.

The Listener continues to prompt the Speaker from column 1 for 30 minutes, using the most rational prompts, skipping those with asterisks. You should mostly follow the printed prompts in the order they’re printed, keeping your eye on the time.

Each of the columns takes approximately 30 minutes. Repeat the last prompt, “I choose…” as often as the Speaker has additional choices to make.