Extreme Journaling to Resolve All Your Issues—a Pictorial Guide

ExtremeJournalYou don’t have to read this page to use the Extreme Journaling web application. You can just dive in. Scroll to the bottom to find the link to the process, (or click here), and just start.

This Page Is for People Who Aren’t So Extreme

Are you the type of person who has lots of free tools for personal growth piling up in your inbox, and who rarely gets around to them, because they all take so much time, promise so much, and rarely deliver? I don’t blame you. You’re just like me. I do processes, such as this one, in the context of my community of support.

You don’t need this pictorial guide to show you how to use this process. That’s self-explanatory.

I’m including this detail for only one reason: to let you know what you’re getting into. This is not a toy process. It’s not a marketing come-on. In the Clarity Community, the people who use our apps use them over and over and over. (See https://community.joyfulwisdom.org/#GWJ on our home page for a testimonial–about other apps, but they could just as easily have been about this one.)

Furthermore, our members use our apps to supplement what they’re learning in our Clarity Groups and Clarity Conversations. (See Delta’s blog about this at http://community.joyfulwisdom.org/2012/11/27/combine-your-clarity-conversations-with-apps-to-enhance-your-insights-2/) Our apps are part of what we do with one another as a community.

If you want some background information, a portion of this web app was inspired by the Jungian psychologist Ira Progoff, who spent his life promoting the technology that inspired this app. He was a great man, and taking the workshops that are still offered in his name is an excellent use of your time and money. Highly recommended.

But ultimately, it’s not about the app—it’s about the community.

If you need to contact us for any reason, use the Contact button on the menu on this page and fill in the form.

The Set-Up Page

You can read a little more about this web app on the opening page, but you don’t have to. Just click the Step 1 button to begin. It’s at the bottom left corner of your browser window.


Step 1: Set up your journaling session.

There are three boxes on the Step 1 page. Box #1 is the most important, because the entire exercise will be reconfigured according to what you write there. But please don’t skip the other boxes. You’d only be robbing yourself.

The “Next Step” button is always a the same place–in the bottom left corner of the browser window. There are other buttons you need to click, but most of the time, only one or two buttons show up at any time.



Step 2: Prepare to access your intuition.

In Step 2a, you’ll notice that whoever or whatever you’ve decided to dialog with shows up in the instructions, as well as in the journaling boxes. For instance, in the following example, the words “my job” have automatically been added to the first paragraph of the instructions and the cue that was automatically added to the journaling box.

In Step 2b, write 5 to 10 steps in your relationship. In this example, the artist’s first step was “I discovered I was an artist in high school.” When he clicked button #1, this Stepping Stone was moved to the big box at the bottom of the page. He typed six more, and is just about to click button #1 to move the last one down. Since this is his last Stepping Stone, he will then click button #2.

In Step 2c, you reread your Stepping Stones and ask your intuition what you sense about the flow of your relationship. The artist’s intuition or sense is that he was forced to give up his soul, which pisses him off.


Step 3: Use the Inner Silence Animation to empty your mind.

In this step, breathe along with the automatic prompts as they fade in and out, guiding you to inhale and exhale very slowly. This picture shows a montage of some of these prompts. When you’re no longer thinking about anything except your breath, go on to Step 4.


Step 4: Close your eyes and meditate on the flow.

Read the Stepping Stones again several times to remind yourself about the flow of your relationship. Then close your and focus on it. When you’re distracted by thoughts, gently come back to your meditation. This will make you drowsy, and eventually, dream-like images will appear. Then click “Step 5.”


Step 5: Write the dialog.

In Step 5a, record the dream-like images that showed up. Don’t analyze them, and don’t worry about being perfect. The artist meant to say that he was munching while he “painted” (not while he “ate”), but he will not fix this mistake until later.

In Step 5b, the word “♥ Me: ” appears in the journaling box. In this example, the artist wrote: “♥ Me: Hi. I think my real job is being an artist. That other thing is just filling time.”

After he clicked the “Continue Dialoging” button, the words “♥ My Job: ” appeared in the journaling box. The artist then typed: “♥ My Job: Finally! You’ve begun to wake up.” (Etc.)

Dialog as long as you want. Then click “I’m done.”

In Step 5c, record a summary of what you learned. The next step—the energy breathing step—will clear some of this out of your consciousness and open your mind for additional insights from your intuition.


Step 6: Use the Chi Energy Animation to unify yourself.

This slow chi energy breath technique combines processes from Tibet, Southern India, Western healing schools, and China. The cycle is 12 breaths long, and you can repeat the cycle if you feel estranged from this part of your life.

In Steps 6b & 6c, your intuition may provide you with additional insights, since chi breathing opens the pathway for your intuition.


Step 7: Make centered choices for transforming your life.

Type a choice for your life into the journaling box, and click the “I choose” button. You will be prompted to clear your mind in Inner Silence, as shown in the inset picture below.

New journaling boxes with the words “I choose” appear every time you click the “I choose” button. When you’re done, click the longer button that says, “I’m Done Making Choices. How do I save my work?”


Congratulations! You’ve just changed your life!

Do you have a relationship that’s incomplete? A unfulfilled goal? Dreams? A project that’s stuck?

A relationship that’s going really well? A goal that’s moving along just fine? I vision for the future that inspires you and motivates you? A project that’s falling into place perfectly?

This process will enhance all of these situations. It’s all up to you.

———————————————The Link—————————————————————

Here’s the link to the process. Navigate to the following page, and then click the Step 1 button to start.

In a Journal, Complete your Relationships with People or Concerns. Use a computer, not a smart phone or tablet.


If you want to share this process on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social media, use the social media buttons on this page, or share the humorous introduction page: A Gift for You, No Strings Attached.

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