The Fourth Step on the Yellow Brick Road: Learning Powerful Practices

Between 2011 and 2016, we’ve tried a large number of practices in addition to the Chrysalis, which has been the central practice that I have taught since I invented it in 1988. (For those of you who are interested, the  Chrysalis is based on what I learned writing my thesis on inner silence for my psychology degree in 1976.)

Currently (in 2016), we have three other standard practices that promote the Four Fundamental Skills described on the index page for this site. These practices are:

  • The Chrysalis—An effective combination of inner silence and dialog that produces deep insight and transformational change.
  • The Heart Chakra Meditation—An exercise for building our most important relationship chakra. Thus, this meditation effects everything.
  • Boosting (or Conscious Evolution)—By directing chi intentionally, we can determine the direction and speed of our personal growth.
  • Visualization—Our use of visualization is empowered through inner silence, chi, and the heart chakra.
  • The Morning and Daily Routine—This five- to ten-minute practice combines all of the four skills into an easy practice to start your day right.

We’ve worked with many other practices, and we’ll work with others in the future. For a while, we worked with combining Affirmations with EFT, and there are still times when our groups use EFT together or when I do personal coaching using EFT.

Emotional Freedom Technique (or EFT) is a method of tapping your fingers on acupuncture points to alter your reactions to any emotional trigger, and when you’re saying affirmations, you trigger many different emotional reactions that loom up to fight with your conscious intent.

We also use trance or alpha states (completely under your own control) to find guidance when confused, to learn new skills, and to help us move more effectively to achieve our goals.

Over time, we’ve come to rely on some practices more than others, but collectively, we know a large number of different practices that we can use whenever they’re appropriate.

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