Tap Three Times to Activate Your Own Ruby Slippers

Go Where You Choose Using Affirmations with EFT

A Free, Six-Week teleconference Course that will help you to Transform Your Life

Most people have tried using affirmations at some point in their lives with varying success. Many have tried affirmations and given them up because: 1) It seems dishonest to tell yourself lies that you hope will become true, and 2) Nothing seemed to happen, and the only result was that you were even more aware of what is missing in your life.

The most important reason people give up using affirmations is the self talk that most of us silently add to any affirmation we say aloud. “My normal weight is 150 lbs,” we might say. And then we silently add, “Yes, but that will only happen when Hell freezes over.” (See below for what happened when I combined that affirmation with EFT.)

Gary Craig is the founder of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a powerful method of reducing and often eliminating phobias, PTSD, emotional trauma, emotional blocks to public speaking and other skills, physical pain, and many other problems.

According to Gary Craig, “Affirmations are among the most powerful tools we can use for personal transformation. They are highly reliable, easy to use and are based on impeccable logic.”

The reason affirmations often don’t work, says Craig, is that we often neutralize them with our self talk, which he calls “tail enders” because we subconsciously tack them on to the tail end of our affirmations: “If we listen to ourselves talk, we will hear our ‘limits’ and other forms of affirmations come rolling out of our faces. Things like…

  • ‘I can’t sing,’
  • ‘Making money isn’t spiritual,’
  • ‘Women can’t compete in a man’s world,’
  • ‘I never seem to find the right words,’ etc., etc., etc.”

Craig prescribes the use of EFT with Affirmations: “This is where EFT comes in. It serves as a highly effective eraser for all the negative
emotions & beliefs that serve as competing tail enders.”

And by the way, I started using this affirmation/jingle with EFT in May: “I’m naturally 149 lbs. // So that is what I weigh. // It’s my normal state of health. // It supports me in every way.”

I started losing weight in mid-August. As of November 14, I’ve lost 40 of 70 pounds. Only 30 more to go!

In this course, Dave Taub and Cougar Brenneman will share ways that we have each used EFT, we will teach you how to use it, and we will guide you through the process of writing affirmations that will be effective for you.

With your practice partner, you will practice: 1) exploring what you each need to address using affirmations, 2) guiding each other through an EFT session, 3) borrowing affirmations from each other and from written sources and making these borrowed affirmations work for your unique needs, and 4) delving into what stops you from using this powerful method consistently.

The initial class is expected to be small, but in any case will be limited to the first 20 people to sign up.


Some have asked for dates and times.

When I have a list of people who want to take the course, I’ll send them all a calendar from http://www.meetomatic.com/calendar.php. On this calendar, you’ll list the dates that you’re available, as well as providing information about your availability over the holidays.

The final schedule will be chosen to accommodate the largest group. In addition, plan to offer this course internationally through a service that connects with Skype.

Sign up on the Contact Page. If you have any day of the week restrictions, please say what they are in the Other Requests box.

For best results, please sign up with a practice partner, but if you don’t have one, we’ll try to find you one from the other people taking the course.

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