Supplementary Methods

Most of this page is about two-person practices. For do-it-yourself practices, read Start Your Day Right with the Fundamental Skills Routine and Apps for Tackling Any Challenge or Achieving Any Goal. For group practices, read The Empowering Practice of Conversational Yoga and Master Your Fundamental Skills in Our Intense Joyful Wisdom Groups.

In the Joyful Wisdom Community, we’ve used many different techniques, most of which are very useful. However, the current methods are the top priority for inclusion on the site. These methods are outlined and linked to Master Your Fundamental Skills in Our Intense Joyful Wisdom Groups.

We used to use the Talking Stick, Talking Mirror method, both in our groups and between Joyful Wisdom Buddies. It’s particularly helpful, because it ensures that both—or all—participant in the conversation are fully expressed and fully heard. This is very unusual in our world, where most of us are planning the next thing we’ll be saying in the conversation when we should be listening.

Ashara, my wife, used the Clear Choice Conversation or Journal with me in 1998 when I invented the Chrysalis, which is the signature method used in all Joyful Wisdom Groups. This method is a powerful way to help another person to sort out any issues in their life that they’re confused about. It is one of the methods originally used by the Joyful Wisdom Buddies, starting in 2011, but since the late 80s, I’ve used it with many dozens of people, and many of them reciprocated by using it with me.

I’m very sorry that we’re not hosting Energy Flash Mobs, which received a lot of positive feedback in the past. The link in this paragraph opens an announcement of a specific Energy Flash Mob we did for the earth, but we also did them for people in need.

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