Joyful Wisdom Community Sites

The Joyful Wisdom Community (This Site)—Although I’m struggling to finish updating this site, it’s the only one that is current in any way. The other sites aren’t particularly wrong—they just don’t reflect my current thinking. (Cougar)

Principles of the Joyful Wisdom Journey—This site is mostly empty, but it does have three things that may interest you, such as the two fictional stories:

  • The menus tell you all of the 36 skills that will eventually be part of the Joyful Wisdom Curriculum.
  • On the index page, I’ve linked to nonfiction chapters about two of these 36 skills. These chapters do not satisfy me yet, but they contain a lot of good information.
  • On the index page, I’ve also linked to fiction that illustrates the skills in the two nonfiction chapters. I’m proud of these.

Joyful Wisdom Journey Future History—This site is mostly empty, but it does have two things that may interest you, such as the fictional story:

  • The index page describes my long-range wish that this work be open source. It’s an old document that hasn’t been updated to the current names of the Joyful Wisdom Community and the Joyful Wisdom Curriculum.
  • The Case of the Missing Sister—This fictional story shows how a group of people decide to fix the Joyful Wisdom Community by solving a mystery and then creating a Sherlock Holmes app to teach other people to solve mysteries in the same way.

Joyful Wisdom Journey Tools—I started this site to facilitate the movement to making the Joyful Wisdom Curriculum open source. It’s almost completely empty of content at this time.

(Maybe I’ll recreate this sometime) Our Old Concept Site from 2007 with broken links—