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How the Mechanism of Inner Silence Works

“Inner silence” is our phrase in the Joyful Wisdom System for a specific mechanism that we can harness to find wisdom in our daily lives. Anyone of us who thinks about this topic scientifically understands that no one is really silent inside unless they are dead.

So it is true that this phrase is inaccurate, but it does point the way to a mechanism that is extremely valuable to people who master it. The best way to understand this mechanism is to understand how our group method, the Chrysalis Wisdom Council, works.

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(Blog with Jokes) What’s So Special about the Heart Chakra?

All names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this blog are fictitious. For instance, Tom in this story does not resemble anyone you have ever known or will know—in the past, in the present, or in the future on earth or on any of the seventeen known spiritual planes. And no one but a fictitious character would put up with someone like me being so damned Yoda as I was in this story. No identification with actual persons, places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. Besides which, it has to be fictional because I’m not a video camera. Continue reading

You Say You Can’t Meditate? Is That Really True?

thinkerRodinFrequently when I talk about inner silence and meditation, I run into someone who says, “Don’t talk to me about meditation. I can’t meditate.” So I know that this is a real problem for a significant number of people. (For the purpose of this blog, the term “meditation” refers to the process of focusing on a single thing, such as the breath, a mantra, or a mandala.)

Since I have identified inner silence as one of the superpowers that’s available to everyone, I want to help, so I’ve regularly asked these people what they mean. I think that the problem is a misunderstanding, and that’s my fault and the fault of others who study and teach various forms of meditation.
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How Joyful Wisdom Inner Silence Practices Relate to Ancient Meditation Practices

At the University of Waterloo in 1976, I wrote my thesis on what links all of the different forms of meditation, as well as all of the highest forms of psychology. Although I also demonstrated the differences between these practices, I focused especially on what they all have in common, which is a move towards inner silence.
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Practical Ways to Remove the Walls and Connect from the Heart

Test Yourself

In your mind, create an imaginary scale or meter. At one end, there is a number 10 and the words, “I believe this completely.” At the other end, there is a number 1 and the words, “When I say this, I feel like a complete phony.”

Imagine that you’re a debating hall, and whether or not you win the debate depends on how completely you believe the following phrases. Which ones work for you, and which do not?

  • We are all one, and I view everyone I see as part of me.
  • We’re all connected, and I’m affected by everyone’s problems, feelings, and issues.
  • I feel love for everyone in the world, and I have no one left to forgive.

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