The Secret Practice of Old-Timers in Joyful Wisdom: Co-Mentoring

Most of this page is about two-person practices. For do-it-yourself practices, read Start Your Day Right with the Fundamental Skills Routine and Handle Any Challenge Using Our Existing Applications. For group practices, read The Empowering Practice of Conversational Yoga and Master Your Fundamental Skills in Our Intense Joyful Wisdom Groups.

In 2011, the only program that the Joyful Wisdom Community had was co-mentoring. While we’ve moved on to a lot more group work, many of the original co-mentors still meet together.

Co-mentors use three core methods that continually provide value, even when used repeatedly, always contributing new revelations to the people doing them. These core methods are also enough to create a stable and useful Joyful Wisdom Community Group, though we recommend the more modern set described in Master Your Fundamental Skills in Our Intense Joyful Wisdom Groups. It’s just that the group methods are not always appropriate for one-to-one conversations. (For a more in-depth look at what our groups currently do, see Master Your Fundamental Skills in Our Intense Joyful Wisdom Groups.)

As co-mentors, we used the Chrysalis as our most important method of conversation. The Chrysalis is in many ways the signature method of the Joyful Wisdom Journey,

The other core methods are the following:

  • Talking Stick, Talking Mirror. (30 minutes minimum)
    • This is the basic method that you will use most of the time for short mentoring sessions. It requires no equipment and can easily be done by phone. It is so easy to do that when you ask someone to consider joining your cluster, you invite them to use Talking Stick, Talking Mirror for your Enrollment Conversation with them.
  • The Clear Choice Conversation (Usually 2 hours, though some participants do it in less time. Many participants elect to spend up to 4 hours on this method.)
    • I have used this method for more than two decades to help individuals (including myself) to sort through confusion about their path in life, their true mission, their lifestyles, their ultimate goals, and many other things. Many other creative results can come from these sessions; for example, the first time Ashara did this process with me in 1998, it inspired me to create the Chrysalis, which I have now taught to at least a thousand people.

On this page, please leave any comments and questions you wish to leave. I’m especially interested in hearing about other potential Core Methods that would be a useful curriculum choice for every Joyful Wisdom Community Group.

In addition, please write to me privately if you’d like help in setting up a co-mentoring relationship.

Thank you.

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