Let’s Manifest 350 More Practices Like the One You Just Used

I wrote this page for you if you found one of my online applications to be useful. It’s going to take a while to manifest this entire project unless I get help. Here’s a list of things you can do:

  1. Share your experience of using our apps with a few friends. The most effective sharing you can do is to make what you’re sharing relevant.
    A) What were you using the exercise for?
    B) What was the goal or problem you wanted to address?
    C) What happened, or what did you learn? How are things different after doing the exercise?
  2. Explore the practices within the Joyful Wisdom Journey Curriculum, so that you understand what we’re trying to do. Take the tour of the Joyful Wisdom Journey curriculum by clicking the link. This curriculum will contains 350 practices like our existing apps to tackle any goal, any dream, or any need, to teach specific methods for relationships, energy healing, pain management, organizing, controlling habits, discovering your true self, and being happy.
  3. Join a Joyful Wisdom Community group. The Joyful Wisdom Community provides general groups and groups with specific goals. These groups are available by Skype, by teleconference, and in person.
  4. Hire me as a life coach, which will fund my continued computer programming and community development. You already know a little of what I do, because I wrote the free apps you may use at any time. However, as a coach, I individualize what I provide to your needs. You can see more about me at my Coaching Profile page.
  5. Refer us to a funding source, such as a foundation, and/or help us find funding.
  6. Help us find a programmer who knows or is learning PHP and JavaScript (along with jQuery). If you (or someone you know) is both a programmer and a change agent, this project will combine your interest in programming with your intention to change the world.Please read Plans for the Computer Programming Needed for the Joyful Wisdom Journey, and review the Joyful Wisdom Journey tour.
  7. You have ideas. Share them. Share your ideas for manifesting the entire Joyful Wisdom  Journey curriculum online as quickly as possible at the bottom of this page in the Comments section.

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