Master the Fundamental Skills in a Joyful Wisdom Group

This page is about group practices. For do-it-yourself practices, read Start Your Day Right with the Fundamental Skills Routine and Handle Any Challenge Using Our Existing Applications. For two-person practices, read The Secret Practice of Old-Timers in Joyful Wisdom: Co-Mentoring and Supplementary Methods.

What Are Joyful Wisdom Groups, and How Do They Work?

Joyful Wisdom Groups are small groups of two to seven or eight people that meet by Skype or teleconference. When they exceed that size, most of them will divide because our methods and community focus require interactions best served through small groups. Joyful Wisdom Circles and Energy Flash Mobs accommodate larger groups, but we have not had one of them for a while.

The Joyful Wisdom Community is still a very small organization, yet our groups contain members all over the world. As of December 12, 2012, we have members in Japan, Australia, Ontario, BC, California, Washington State, Arizona, Minnesota, and Massachusetts.

You can see our current schedule of groups on our Calendar Page.

What happens in a group? Most of our groups begin with a check-in about how we’re individually doing, followed by the following practices. This agenda has become stable.

  • A Heart Chakra Meditation.
  • A guided meditation, visualization, or introduction to a topic for the discussion. This changes from week to week, and may be planned by the group.
  • A Chrysalis about the topic of the group.
  • The Remembrance Round—in which we each write new insights in our journals. (Included in the description of the Chrysalis.)
  • The Choice Round—intentions that arise out of our Chrysalis. (Included in the description of the Chrysalis.)
  • The Acknowledgement Round.
  • Boosting or Conscious Evolution
  • The Parking Lot—An informal period for comments that didn’t fit into our format. This is necessary to keep on track during the meeting.

Two types of groups do not follow this pattern:

  • Joyful Wisdom Circles. Joyful Wisdom Circles are devoted to learning  complementary methods from the Joyful Wisdom  Journey.
  • Energy Flash Mobs are short meetings in which a group of people come together to send healing to a specific person in need.


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