Combine Your Joyful Wisdom Conversations with Apps to Enhance Your Insights

I did a Wisdom Council awhile back with a Joyful Wisdom buddy. I was able to work through a lot of feelings and discovered that I was resisting using some of the Joyful Wisdom tools because of negative memories about other groups I was in several years ago that split up. I was blocked because I was afraid to help build another community. It was an emotional Wisdom Council, but opened up a lot of possibility. One choice I made was to subscribe to the Joyful Wisdom tools and really start using them. I subscribed to the apps that same day.

The next morning when I woke up, I used the Gendlin exercise because I was feeling confused and frustrated by some of the things my husband and I had been talking about last night. They centered on our family finances and budget priorities. Twenty minutes after using the tool, I had cleared a lot of things up and I had dug down and admitted some of the decisions I was making were reactions to emotions rather than decisions I really wanted to make. One of choices I made during the exercise was to have an honest conversation today with my husband about what was going on for me.

When he got up, I told him I wanted to talk to him and suggested a Wisdom Council. He was hesitant, but open to it. He and I have only done one Wisdom Council, probably at least 5 years ago. I could tell he was a little uncomfortable, but I got my chime out and decided to go for it since I knew it would be more powerful than trying to have a regular conversation. We went 6 rounds and made some great breakthroughs and got a lot out in the open that we were both letting boil inside. We made choices and we have a plan of action as to how we want to move forward.

I know that the combination of using these tools and Joyful Wisdom Conversations helped us make amazing progress. Had we not done any of this, we probably would have been stuck in the frustrated cycle that was leaving us resentful. We are now empowered to move forward and we are on the same page. We are working together as a team.

I don’t have any fantasies that all of our problems have been solved in one morning. I know more will come up. But, I’m not going to hesitate anymore to USE THE TOOLS. They are time savers in the long run.
I hope anyone that reads this at least gives them a try! Subscribe to the tools, do a Wisdom Council or a Talking Stick, Talking Mirror conversation. If you want suggestions on how to start, ask us.

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