(Information for Computer Programmers) Plans for the Computer Programming Needed for the Joyful Wisdom Journey

Please help us program our applications. Currently, we have no money, but the Board intends to eventually generate some, and a volunteer who shares our vision would be first on our list for hiring. If you’re interested, make sure that you’ve used one of the online apps (such as “Focus In Deeply to Discern the Hidden Messages in Your Emotions” AKA “Gendlin’s Focusing”) several times. You should also be familiar with the Joyful Wisdom Journey tour.

Before starting to write the code for the computer programs that are already in place, I created a 104-page architecture document. After creating these plans, I chose the languages to work in—PHP and JavaScript—and began to train myself to use these languages.

The computer programming done for both the Joyful Wisdom Journey and the Gendlin’s Focusing Prototype are literally my “Hello World” applications in both PHP and JavaScript.

This short document does not summarize the 104-page architecture document, but it does indicate some of the future needs for programming the Joyful Wisdom Journey. They include:

  1. Developing a robust set of tools for creating online content in step-by-step format, just like Gendlin’s Focusing, which would also include video and group collaboration tools.
  2. Creating a log-in function, which is not rocket science. I just haven’t gotten there, yet. However, there are a variety of issues creating a membership log-in system.
  3. Creating a multi-user WordPress installation, so that you don’t have to copy your work to your journal, like you do with Gendlin’s Focusing at this time. WordPress needs to be wired in to the Joyful Wisdom Journey in multiple ways.
  4. Creating a system that personalizes navigation, language, and choices, based on past user behavior and choices.
  5. A built-in crowd-sourcing system that allows people to do everything from adding ideas to the content to translating individual exercises into other languages.

My immediate programming plans for the Joyful Wisdom Journey are:

  1. Continue repairing the code for Gendlin’s Focusing, for instance, by removing the span inline DOM elements from around the block DOM elements to make the autoscroll function work in Firefox.
  2. Create a second prototype, similar to Gendlin’s Focusing, but clean up the code and use HTML5 and CSS3.
  3. Use this second prototype to create PHP code that allows each type of  content used in the two prototypes to be served out of the database.
  4. Put the content for both prototypes into the database and ensure that it works.
  5. Begin to upload as much of the Joyful Wisdom Journey into the database as possible.
  6. Simultaneously, develop a login function and membership function—probably by implementing a multi-user WordPress installation and beginning to wire that into my code.
  7. Begin developing multiple ways to connect the WordPress blogs to the exercises that create them, including allowing users to share their blogs with other people using the same exercise.
  8. Begin developing the structure that allows all functions in the Joyful Wisdom Journey to be personalized to each user’s preferences, goals, choices, and requests.

If you’re interested in programming with us, I’d like to do a Chrysalis Wisdom Council with you about your potential involvement. This will enable both of us to determine whether we are a fit.

See also “Let’s Manifest 315 More Practices Like Gendlin’s Focusing.

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