Request an Exercise that the Joyful Wisdom Community Doesn’t Yet Offer

If you liked any of the apps, you might want to request another app from the 350 that are planned. Here’s how:

Use the following link to the development site to navigate around the plans for Joyful Wisdom Journey curriculum: Navigation Start page. Click the categories on the first few pages and drill down—usually four or five levels—until you find the specific exercise you need right now.

(Hint: When you start on the Navigation Start pages, all of the boxes are gray—indicating that these are sections that contain many exercises. When you get to a page of exercises, the boxes will be black.)

Then navigate back to this blog—the one that you’re reading right now—and in the comments section, request the exercise that you want. ————————————————————————————————————————

Please include the following information in your request:

Name and email are required to post a comment, but emails will not be published.

Please give the full title of the exercise you want to learn.  Also write a few sentences about why you want to learn that exercise—the goal or general problem you’re facing.

Thank you.

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