Teleconference Details

Details about public teleconferences are on this page or in other menu listings under Organization>Teleconferences. This includes brief instructions about what to do on the call.

We use TurboBridge. We will send you instructions for phoning in by regular phone or Skype on request. If you do not have free long distance, there are almost 100 major cities in the US that have local TurboBridge numbers.

As a participant, you may need to know these commands. All of them require that  you press the asterisk key, followed by another key.

  1. If you’re on hold, waiting for a conference to start, ** mutes the music.
  2. In some types of meetings, *6 will mute you or unmute you.
  3. Raise your hand to get on the speaker’s list or to vote with *5.
  4. Review these menu commands with *0

At the end of the teleconference, please type a brief suggestion for a topic that would be useful to you. After we have time to create a poll—which might take fifteen minutes, return to this page to indicate your favorites from all the suggestions. You may vote for as many options as you wish.