Our Mission: Helping You Develop Your Superpowers

The Four Fundamental Skills for Developing Your Superpowers

At this moment in history, we have inherited an amazing treasure of inspiring and empowering practices from around the world: from religions, psychology, art, fiction, and science. From these, I have identified four basic principles that you can use in your daily life to develop your very own superpowers.

What Are the Four Fundamental Skills?

Briefly, the four skills are things you’ve heard about before:

  • Inner silence, which generally involves the skill of quieting the monkey mind.
  • Activating your chakras, which ensures the highest amount of inner energy towards achieving your goals.
  • Directing your chi energy—in other words, pointing your inner energy in an effective way.
  • Visualization, which creates a powerful road map for your subconscious mind. Note that you’ll be far more effective in using visualization if you combine it with the other three skills.

Be aware that none of this is superstition. There is science behind all of it. A good place to start reading about the science is through the work of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). IONS was founded by Edgar Mitchell, one of the first engineers and scientists to first set foot on the moon. At IONS, Dr. Dean Radin explores the edges psi phenomena, following the strictest requirements of the scientific method. I recommend that you start with Entangled Minds or Supernormal.

Furthermore, when you looking for common elements in spiritual paths from around the world throughout history, seeking constantly to avoid dogma, patterns emerge. I personally discovered inner silence while writing a thesis in university (as described in the blog How Joyful Wisdom Inner Silence Practices Relate to Ancient Meditation Practices).

Each of the other Fundamental Skills are also part of spiritual traditions on every continent in the world, where they’ve combined them in many different ways. Not all of the traditional recipes that use these ingredients are equally good, but they provide examples of how these traditional ingredients can be combined.

What Results Can These Skills Provide?

Here’s what this program will enable you to achieve:

Personal Growth

  • Accelerating the growth of one or more personal qualities that you already have.
  • Heightening your ability to tune in on others and increase your rapport for them.
  • Heightening your intuition, eventually developing higher powers like telepathy.
  • Setting aside your ego; interactions that are clean and clear.

Greater Happiness

  • Facing tumultuous circumstances with peace.
  • Overcoming ongoing anxiety, fear, and stress.
  • Accessing greater levels of creativity, invention, focus, and logic.
  • Experiencing your life and energy from an expanded awareness.

Accomplishing Goals

  • Enhancing what you already know about visualization by using the four skills.
  • Using chi energy to accomplish practical goals.
  • Manifesting what you want in your life.

Are These Skills Really Superpowers?

You’ve seen promises like these before. Ho-hum. Boring. None of this is as exciting as superpowers like precognition, the ability to fly like Superman, or the ability to read minds.

But read over the results I’m offering again. Most of the programs that promise things like these are mostly hype. They don’t really deliver what they promise.

If you really could overcome anxiety, change your personal qualities, and accomplish your goals more effectively, and if these promises were not just more hype to get you to buy stuff, you would be demonstrating uncommon abilities. These are things that your friends can’t do.

The day-to-day superpowers are a prerequisite to the more far out superpowers you might aspire to—the real ones, not the comic book versions.

How Can I Learn These Skills and Superpowers?

You can learn about these skills by taking a workshop when I come to your area, by joining one of our Zoom or Skype groups, by subscribing to my blog (and then reading it), or by hiring me for one-to-one training.

6 responses to “Our Mission: Helping You Develop Your Superpowers

  1. I’d just like to say that my husband Perry, who has very little exposure to any formal communication skills, agreed to be a Joyful Wisdom Buddy today. We did our first Talking Stick, Talking Mirror and he decided on the topic and started. We talked about a minor dilemma we are facing with some logistics about family vehicles, storage space, etc. It went very well and we came to some clear decisions that we might not have otherwise come to without the process.

    We’re looking forward to doing more of the communication skills!

  2. I also find that doing the Core Communication Methods with my wife and Joyful Wisdom Buddy enhances our decision making and the growth of our relationship. Welcome, Perry!

  3. From Jean Houston’s course. Want to stay connected.

  4. Cougar, you have updated the website. It looks nice.

  5. Hi Cougar. I hope you are feeling better.

    • I was feeling sick this morning, but I don’t think you knew about that. However, I have been making progress using the self-guided psychoanalysis that I told you about. It’s not an instant process. Anymore than it would be if I was going to a professional psychoanalyst. Some people do their therapy for years and years and years. Some never get out of it.

      Having it be self-guided means that I can work intensely on it for a shorter period of time — I hope.

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