Help Us Create A World that Runs on Insight, Wisdom, and Depth

You can be a messenger of lies, fear, and destruction; or a messenger of truth, love, and creation. But you cannot deliver lies and truth at the same time.

Don Miguel Ruiz

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The Joyful Wisdom Community’s Financial Needs

The Joyful Wisdom Community runs on donations, and it serves everyone, whether they can donate or not. There’s a problem with this. I’m the founder, Cougar Brenneman, and for the past four years, I’ve worked 24/7 on this project, always putting in overtime, never just 40 hours per week.

I’ve done it for free. I’m not rich—my wife and I both live on my disability payments, which is not a lot of cash. When our 2006 car wears out, we have no money to replace it. My clothes are ragged. I have multiple sclerosis, and I can’t afford the organic food required for the Terry Wahls MS Protocol. (See her TED Talk here.)

The donations that come to the Joyful Wisdom Community mostly defer my upfront expenses, which includes web hosting for the Joyful Wisdom Journey apps, occasional computer replacement, and occasional research books for the Joyful Wisdom Journey curriculum. Occasionally, there’s a little left over to help with living expenses.

I’d like you to consider supporting my work by supporting me. As far as organizational goals, here they are:

  • I’m going to need computer replacement and upgrade occasionally. I wish I could afford more memory for my computer today.
  • I would like to Joyful Wisdom Community to be officially registered as a nonprofit organization. The reason this is important is that I want to give the entire copyright for the Joyful Wisdom Journey curriculum to the Joyful Wisdom Community, so that it can be open-sourced. This costs money for legal fees.
  • I would like to Joyful Wisdom Community to hire a programmer. I’ve created the apps on my own without being an expert. I have 320 more to go, and the entire system to link them together needs special skills.
  • I would like to eventually travel to teach people in other locations about the Joyful Wisdom Community and our apps.
  • Oh, yes. I would like to receive a small honorarium for my efforts.

We Need Volunteers for the Following Tasks

  • I (Cougar) am not an expert computer programmer, but I have been given a plan to deliver 320 more apps, and that number seems to be a moving target. (I’ve created five so far.) We need a volunteer programmer or funding for a professional one.
  • I’ve been keeping this organization together for four years, now, and we have regular members. But I have no skill in growing the organization. We need a volunteer who does have related skills.
  • I also have no skill in fund raising. We need a volunteer who has that skill.
  • I would like to have a curriculum development group. This would be a Clarity Group who meets regularly to test and recommend changes to the open-source Grok Wisdom Journey curriculum as I continue to work to develop it, write it, and put it on the interet. An example of how this might work is embedded in my mystery story,  The Case of the Missing Sister.

Please Don’t Subscribe, Donate, or Volunteer Unless…

The Joyful Wisdom Community Board of Directors has a message for you: Please do not support our programs until you’ve attended enough of them to see their value. Until then, just get to know us, learn more about us, find out about our long-term mission, and enjoy our community.

When you value what we do, please come back to this page. Please bear in mind that as a community, it is our mutual choice that the Joyful Wisdom Community serves everyone, and that your donations help us to make that choice real.

We Create Value Together in the Joyful Wisdom Community

  • Our groups exist because of the group’s organizer and those who attend. Every participant creates the group. Together, we all create the Joyful Wisdom Community by how we interact with it.
  • Our specialties, the Chrysalis Wisdom Council and other Joyful Wisdom Conversations, succeed because as participants, you become skilled at using them, because you value them, and because you use them with us.
  • Our community mostly grows because you introduce us to friends, and because you tell them why you value what we do. As as community, we need to develop posters, ads, and methods of authentically sharing our experience. Volunteers will be appreciated.
  • See our Calendar for a list of the upcoming groups that fulfill many of their interests and needs.
  • Our volunteers enable the Joyful Wisdom Community to do more.  Volunteers are needed for everything we do.
  • Volunteers can help free Cougar to spend more time developing and programming the web applications such as our five existing apps. These five are the first of 320 apps that Cougar will be publishing as an interactive curriculum site.

What You CREATE by Donating, or Volunteering:

  • You help the Joyful Wisdom Community get established as a nonprofit, so that it can take over ownership of the Joyful Wisdom Journey curriculum, thereby allowing the curriculum to develop to even higher heights by eventually becoming open source.
  • You support the other programs of the Joyful Wisdom Community, such as the regular Chrysalis Wisdom Council groups which provide the mainstay of this community as a community. For more information, see Joyful Wisdom Conversations for All: Our Joyful Wisdom Groups.
  • You will eventually help pay a professional programmer to take over the programming that Cougar’s currently struggling with.

Acknowledge the Unique Value of the Joyful Wisdom Community by Donating Here

Please support our unique mission, organization, and curriculum in whatever way you can.

  1. The Chrysalis Wisdom Council is unique and unlike anything we’ve ever experienced anywhere else. In the fourteen years that Cougar has been teaching it, neither he nor anyone else has found a good way explaining it to someone who hasn’t experienced it.
  2. The Joyful Wisdom Journey apps are unique. When Cougar designed this curriculum in 1976, the Internet did not exist, and as far as we can tell, there’s nothing like them. There are currently three apps finished, with a total of 320 apps in the finished curriculum.
  3. Cougar’s intentions are also unique. He will transfer his copyright for the curriculum to the Joyful Wisdom Community when we have registered as a non-profit. It will then become an open source curriculum for personal transformation. Yes, Cougar intends to negotiate terms for his own needs, but this is still an apparently unique intention.
Options  for Valuing the Joyful Wisdom Community. PayPal will open up in a new tab.
One-Time Donation: Any Amount.
One-Time Payment (nondonation): Any Amount.
To support our programs  at $5.00 USD per month. All support is deeply appreciated.
To value and support our programs at $10.00 USD per month. We request this as an appropriate normal level of support.
If you prefer, you can support our programs at $90.00 USD per year.
To acknowledge the value of our group programs and our apps, you can choose $15.00 USD per month.
To acknowledge the value of our group programs and our apps at a higher level, you can choose $25.00 USD per month.
If you change your mind, you can easily unsubscribe here.
You may also acknowledge the value of the Joyful Wisdom Community by volunteering. What volunteer help do we need? Send me your phone number on the “Contact” page. You have options.

Other Options

Subscription plus three coaching sessions:

  • First session complimentary
  • Two paid sessions
  • One month’s donation to our interactive curriculum apps.
  • $315 Value

Pay $175
Complimentary coaching session only: Send me your phone number on the “Contact” page.

One response to “Help Us Create A World that Runs on Insight, Wisdom, and Depth

  1. I am SO happy to see your donation buttons Cougar!

    May you and the Joyful Wisdom Community thrive!


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