How to Subscribe to All of Our Apps

What you get by subscribing:

  • Access to all current applications—currently three, with a fourth coming. See A List of Our Existing Applications for descriptions of existing applications, those already in production, and those already planned for the immediate future.
  • More of a say in which applications we will develop first. There are already polls on the subscriber site, and there will regularly be more.
  • Ongoing support for integrating these tools into your life most effectively through regular Chrysalis Wisdom Council groups.

What you CREATE by subscribing:

  • You enable Cougar to continue programming the Grok Wisdom Journey curriculum, which he began developing in February 1976. The application you’ve just experienced is only one of 316 applications currently waiting in the queue. For a tour of the entire curriculum by exercise description, see Take the Tour: Explore the Grok Wisdom Journey Curriculum to discover how the 316 applications fit together.
  • You help the Clarity Community get established as a 501c3, so that it can take over ownership of the Grok Wisdom Journey curriculum, thereby allowing the curriculum to develop to even higher heights.
  • You support the other programs of the Clarity Community, such as the regular Chrysalis Wisdom Council groups which provide the mainstay of this community as a community. For more information, see Clarity Conversations for All: Our Clarity Groups.

NOW—How to Subscribe

Subscribe using PayPal. The PayPal site will open up in a new tab.

Subscription Options
Basic: $10.00 USD – monthly
Yearly: 3 months free: $90.00 USD
If you can’t subscribe for any reason Send me your phone number.

Step 3.When finished at PayPal, you will be redirected to the “Success Subscribing” page. Fill out the form on that page.

Step 4. When I receive your form, I will invite you to visit the subscriber pages. Use your user name and password to sign in.

On the subscriber pages, you will have access to the existing apps, future apps, and other services to support your growth.

Other Offers
Subscription plus three coaching sessions:

  • First session complimentary
  • Two paid sessions
  • One month’s subscription
  • $370 Value

Pay $175.
Complimentary coaching session only:

  • No subscription
  • $120 Value
Send me your phone number.

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