Our Newest App “Use Inner Silence to Be More Thoughtful Throughout your Daily Life”

Stressed? You can use the free Joyful Wisdom Community Inner Silence App to center yourself in as little as five to ten minutes—no matter what the situation. Just click the URL and do it.

You have something deeper to work out? Use the same app, but take a little longer than five or ten minutes. Every single time you use it for a longer period of time, it will always lead you to a deeper understanding of whatever you’re working on—consistently.

When I decided to write the computer program for this app, I thought of it as a utility app—something I would use while leading Wisdom Councils or if I felt anxious and wanted to stop. But I’ve actually become quite addicted to it. It is extremely useful in almost everything I do.

It’s a very versatile app. I especially like it for writing, because then I’m not “wasting time” journaling about things to figure them out. Rather I’m engaged in the actual writing that I want to do. You can use it to write better emails, reports, plans, novels, poetry, or any other writing project you might be engaged in. (As a matter of fact, I used it to write this blog.)

There’s no limit to how you can use it. You can also use it for figuring out what’s going on for you, for visioning the future, or understanding the past. If you’re working on figuring out something really big and important, this app links to our complete Suite of Joyful Wisdom Community Apps, and by chaining them together, you can delve deeper than you can with almost any other system that I know of.

But try it out on something simple—like writing an email. Then you’ll be addicted, and you’ll never escape my clutches. Mwah-hah-hah.

How to Do This Simple App

Step 1.        First, go to the following URL. Read the introduction.


Step 2.        At the bottom of the page, click the button labeled, “CLICK for the Preparation Step.” Ignore all the other buttons for now.

Most of the pages aren’t like this. Usually, there’s only one button to click on any page, so you just can’t get confused. This app is easy to follow.

Step 3.        On the the Preparation Step page, write your thoughts in the box. Write what you already think. If you’re writing an email, just type the email you are already planning to write. It’s easy, because you were going to write these things anyway.

Step 4.        Click the button labeled “I’ve Written My Initial Thoughts.” This opens a simple page about Inner Silence. Just read it. It’s easy to understand.

Step 5.        Click the button for the “Inner Silence Step.” A page opens that tells you to “Breathe In.” After you inhale slowly, it tells you to “Breathe Out.” Breathe with the animation. Ignore the words so that your attention is just on your breath. Let this process clear your mind.

Step 6.        After a while, a button appears that’s labeled “Find Your Inner Wisdom Step.” When you’re satisfied that you’ve achieved inner silence, click this button to open a page with a box for you to write your new creative ideas, insights, or hunches.

In your calm state of mind, you’ll feel like digging a little deeper, so just let yourself go deeper. And write about it.

Step 7.        Click the button that says “These Are My New Thoughts, Feelings, Insights, & Intuitions” to open a page with two buttons:

  • You can go back for more inner silence or
  • You can go to the “Centered Choices Step.”

We recommend that you go back for more inner silence a couple of times for a deeper and deeper understanding.

Step 8.        When you’ve repeated the inner silence step several times, click the button for the “Centered Choices Step.” A page appears that asks you to make a choice by typing it in a box.

After you click the “I choose…” button, the box disappears for a few seconds of inner silence. Then another box for making another choice appears. Keep making centered choices until you’re done.

Step 9.        Finally, click the button that says, “I’m done making choices. How do I save my work?” A page appears with five buttons at the bottom. Most of the time, just ignore them, and copy your work into a document file. Most of the time, just edit the email you wrote or make a new list, and you’re done.

Chain the Apps to Create Super Results

Once in a while, you’ll use this app for something big, such as finding a job, finding a girlfriend or boyfriend, solving a relationship problem, dealing with stress or unhappiness, or choosing a major in college. For something big, like this, chain this app with another one.

Step 1.        This App has a button on both the first and last pages that links you to all of the apps. This enables you to examine an issue from many different sides. Each of the apps is a powerful tool to harness your subconscious mind and energy system.

Click this button—which is labeled “What’s Your Next Move? CLICK to Extend Your Insights”—to open a page that lists four other apps and the Wisdom Council. At the bottom of the page is a button for repeating this inner silence app.

Step 2.        Read over the journal or email document that you’ve just written using the inner silence app, and then look at the options on this new page. Select the app that will help you the most with your big goal. Click it to start it.

Most of these other apps are more complex and more powerful than the inner silence app. If you don’t have time for the one you choose right now, schedule it for when you do have time.

Update on My Progress

I’ve just gone through a traumatic time and I’ve lost two to three months. During that time, I’ve barely kept up with my responsibilities for the Joyful Wisdom Community. I’m still sometimes stopped by depression and anxiety.

It’s been great having the support of the Joyful Wisdom Community. Delta and Dave often provided me with an ear. Dawn Sky, who is an excellent EFT therapist, provided me with a 90 minute EFT session because what I was dealing with was so difficult for me. (To schedule an appointment with her, write to Dawn Sky at kathilyn@gmail.com.)

Nonetheless, here’s the progress I’m making on the long-term project of automating the Grok Wisdom Journey curriculum.

  1. The five apps in the current Suite of Joyful Wisdom Community Apps are the first of 320 apps that will be linked together in a similar manner to the “What’s Your Next Move?” page.
    >>            At the bottom of the “What’s Your Next Move?” page is a button that allows you to browse the titles and descriptions of all of the other apps, all of which are written already. They just need to be automated.
  2. I’ve already completed one plug-in that I can use over and over in any app that I want to use it in. Before leaving behind the new app, I’m going to rewrite part of it as a second plug-in.
    >>           The more plug-ins I write, the faster I will be able to create new apps.
  3. When I’ve created all the necessary plug-ins and published most of the Grok Wisdom Journey curriculum, I’m going to create another page that will allow you to create apps and add your apps to the curriculum. Over time, this open-source curriculum will grow to many times the 320 apps that I’ve written.
  4. When the Joyful Wisdom Community has enough funding, we will incorporate as a nonprofit. The Joyful Wisdom Community will own the copyright for the Grok Wisdom Journey curriculum to ensure that it will always be an open-source curriculum.

2 responses to “Our Newest App “Use Inner Silence to Be More Thoughtful Throughout your Daily Life”

  1. FloatingOnSmiles (FOS)

    Way ta go, Cougar! I tend to get caught-up in “putting out fires”, and need to schedule time to “prepare the ground” – hoping that less fires will start 🙂 This app looks great for ground preparation.

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