Joyful Wisdom Group Announcements

The following announcements will be made at the end of every Joyful Wisdom Group. Many of them are requests for help with the Joyful Wisdom Community. The most recent or current announcement is at the top of the list.  Read older announcements if you prefer to help in a different way.

January 2013: Together, We Can Fill Up Each Other’s Groups

Several individuals in the Joyful Wisdom Community are trying to create a group with me. It’s been hard for us to attract the people we need in our groups when we’re acting as individuals.

But wait a minute! We’re a community! We shouldn’t be doing this by ourselves.

So we’re going to start with Siobhan’s group, which is called “The Create Your Own Job & Work from Your Joyful Wisdom  Support Group.” We’ve created a bunch of materials with which you can help us.

We’ve created some posters that you can print up on your home printer and post on a community bulletin board, such as what you might find in a Laundromat or coffee shop. We’ve also created postcard-sized announcements like what you might find at a dance. You can also print sheets of four of these at home on normal paper and cut them up.

To find these materials, go to our webpage “Let’s Help Each Other Fill Up Our Groups.” While this link will get you there, you can also find it by navigating to our website at and finding the page on the menu under “Conversation.”

You can also help us by writing a description of your group that can be printed on the same templates as Siobhan’s group.

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