Clarity Daybreak—Listening, Hearing, Reflecting, & Seeing

We are the Clarity Community. We specialize in conversations. That’s what we do.

We have amazing conversations with each other, conversations that regularly bring us deep insights, clear perception, positive change, and personal growth, but which also provide us a venue to share our deepest thoughts and feelings—and to be heard on the most profound levels.

We discover who we are by sharing what we didn’t know that we knew about ourselves.

We believe that the skill of insight can be passed on to others. We use some specific methods of conversation consistently with each other, and they lead to consistent results. This teleconference is about sharing information about how you can do what we’re doing. All of our programs are completely free.

Do you have deep, significant conversations that you need or want to have? What would it be like if you had two or three intimate, trusted partners to talk about what troubles, confuses, or inspires and motivates you—partners with whom you’d regularly return the favor?

Our goal is that you know exactly how to try out one of our methods when you hang up from this call.

Since this is a specific method, you’ll need a practice partner. You can sign up with one, or we can link you up with other people who attend. You’ll schedule your practice session or sessions with your practice partner after the teleconference.

We’ve completed the first teleconference on Monday, December 12, at 6:00 PM Pacific.

Sign up to be notified when we repeat this teleconference :

Presenters (in order of presentation): Dave Taub, Delta Doster, Cougar Brenneman, Ashara, Paschal Cummins

**If you miss this teleconference, sign up anyway to be first in line for the next one. If you live in an inconvenient time zone, request a repeat of this teleconference at a convenient time for you and your friends.

One response to “Clarity Daybreak—Listening, Hearing, Reflecting, & Seeing

  1. Hey Cougar, I did sign up for the teleconference, but cannot guarantee that I can join. Not always convenient. Signed up anyway.

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