You’ll Soon Have Your Own Blog

Note:Coming soon is no longer true. The amount of programming required to accomplish this, as well as managing groups, writing, and other computer programming tasks have been overwhelming.  “Soon” on this page was my aspiration when writing this page, but I have to revise that to be realistic. It’s still in the plans.

Currently, the only way that you can respond to the exercises, processes, and meditations, and the insights, progress, breakthroughs, and transformations that they create for you is in the comments section at the bottom of each page.

Therefore, at the moment, there is no mechanism by which you can look at all of the different comments that you make on different pages. Furthermore, you do not have a page for your profile or any other feature that will exist when I can implement the full multi-user blog system.

These are only temporary problems. When I figure out the technical details, you will sign in to your own blog. Whenever you want to learn a new exercise, there will be links on the exercise page that enables you to visit the blogs of other people who have done that exercise, as well as links for people who are willing to exchange sessions using that exercise.

For example, suppose you are navigating through the main application and you come across the Progoff Journal Technique. If this exercise is already implemented, you’ll be guided through using it, right there on the Progoff Journal page. However, all of your responses to that journaling exercise will automatically be stored on your personal blog automatically.

If someone is considering doing the Progoff Journaling Technique, they will be able to navigate to your blog—assuming you haven’t made it private—and read the blog that you wrote using Progoff.

If you and your Buddy learn the Sedona method and use it with each other, you will not only be able to report about your experiences in your blog, but if you are willing, you can volunteer as a temporary Joyful Wisdom Buddy with someone else who wants to learn Sedona. After you have done Sedona with this person, and after this person has returned the favor, you are not expected to remain his or her Joyful Wisdom Buddy.

Finally, some of the exercises or meditations in the Joyful Wisdom Journey curriculum will be best learned in a group setting. These exercises will link to people who are currently involved in ongoing groups that are using that exercise. For instance, if you want to learn to use affirmations with EFT for transforming your life, you will be able to navigate to members of an online group who are practicing this technique together and who have extra room in their group for a new member.

So sit tight. Until I program these features, or until a volunteer programmer shows up to help me do so, we’ll do the best that we can using this out-of-the-box WordPress blog. I appreciate and will use the comments and suggestions that you leave. —————————————————————————————————————————

On this page, please leave any comments and questions you wish to leave. I’m especially interested in hearing your suggestions for what kind of features you would like to see in your personal blog pages. In addition, please write any questions or suggestions that you have about how the Joyful Wisdom Community groups might be organized in the future.

I will respond to them as time permits, and on occasion, I will ask members of the Joyful Wisdom Community for help with a final design that implements as many of the suggestions as I can realistically use.

Thank you.

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