The Create Your Own Job & Work from Your Heart Clarity Support Group

Meets once a week by Skype at 12:00 PM (noon) PST on Monday (N. America) or Tuesday (Australia, 7:00 AM).
Cost: By donation.
Location: California, Arizona, Washington, Kyoto (Japan)
Join or find out more by filling in the Contact form.

What Do You Do When You’re No Longer Willing
to Compromise Your Soul?

Does your job satisfy your passion to make a difference? Do you want to stop doing things you don’t believe in—or that on occasion you even feel are wrong—just to pay your bills? Does the idea of striking out on your own seem exciting—but maybe just a little lonely and scary?

Would you benefit from processes that provide you with insight and emotional support during your transition period to earning your income from sustainable, ethical source?

So far, we’ve used this group to explore such issues as:
  • Getting organized
  • Marketing and building a network of support
  • Improving our “inner game”

An example of the types of insights that we receive from this group can be found in the blog “How to Lie to Yourself for Fun and Profit.”

We use heart-based communication methods to draw out our collective inner wisdom, such as:

  • The Chrysalis Wisdom Council
  • Talking Stick, Talking Mirror
  • Trance meditation and energy work

Funded by donation, give what you can when you know for certain that our community is valuable to you.

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