The Health and Wellness Support Group

Meets once a week by Skype at 3:30 PM PST on Thursday (N. America) or Friday (Japan, 8:30 AM).
Cost: By donation.
Location: California, Arizona, Washington, Kyoto (Japan)
Join or find out more by filling in the Contact form.


The Health and Wellness group has been a highlight of my week for four months now. I felt very welcomed and encouraged by Cougar and Dave; and Alan, who I introduced, feels the same warm support. We share insights and brainstorm, as well as keep logs of our progress in chosen areas of our life to which we wish to commit and strengthen.  In fact seeing a graph is  what drew me to making contact. We also share poetry and various forms of inspiration.

We have mainly been doing Talking Mirror, Talking Stick and Chrysalis, as well as working through apps from the Joyful Wisdom  Journey interactive curriculum. These tools foster a shift into a new mind/heart space where a new potential gels. I also  appreciate the care that these processes foster in actively listening to one another, with mind and heart.

It is a wonderful thing to feel truly heard and have confirmation of it—just listened to and supported without judgement or trying to change according to someone’s agenda. It’s also quite special how the friendships are subtly forming and deeply strengthening with a strong basis of respect and caring.

Recently we have been including energy healing and it just seems to grow stronger week by week. I feel delighted to have this  empowering and healing connection in my life.

Oh! We also recently had a celebration, singing The Hallelujah chorus – a little worse for wear due to Internet time lag – but great fun nonetheless.
Ursula Maierl, Kyoto, Japan

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