Mutual Choice Topics: Common Issues that Concern Many

Once you have more than one Joyful Wisdom Buddy, you’ll notice that some topics come up with more than one of them. Or perhaps, when you’re discussing your own issues, you find that other people have the same issue as you do. This will typically mean that the topic is bigger than your own personal concerns.

When you notice that you’re discussing a topic with more than one Joyful Wisdom Buddy, consider escalating it to be a Mutual Choice Topic, even if it’s intensely personal. Then you can harness the wisdom of the entire Joyful Wisdom Community to help you resolve it for yourself.

Examples might include:

You won’t notice any of these issues until you’ve actually used the Core Co-Mentoring methods with your Joyful Wisdom Buddy or Buddies on them.

Ask them to help you write an introduction to that topic by sharing what they got out of the dialogs you had with them. If it is your idea to turn this into a Mutual Choice Topic, you should write the first draft and then ask them to look over what you’ve written and add their two cents.

Then post your topic here as a comment.

In addition, I need a volunteer who will use Talking Stick, Talking Mirror with me to review any suggested Mutual Choice Topics in this general category. After this volunteer and I discuss the topic, we may ask you to edit your comments, or we may simply give your topic a page of its own without any editing.


On this page, please post topics, and please volunteer to help me through the comments section below. I will eventually want to turn this function entirely over to volunteers.

Thank you.


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