Organization Notes November 17, 2011

It is important to establish a pattern of teleconferences for new Clarity Buddies as this organization grows—to help keep our courses aligned and to operate from some common understandings. However, although Cougar would like to instill the organization with certain values, he also has plans for empowering the community to develop a tradition of consensus around the organization’s values. Teleconference meetings is one mechanism to do this.

Cougar’s intent is to strategically transfer decision making power to the organization. He has the time, energy, and vision to come up with new ideas and begin to implement them, and he would like to continue doing that. However, he would like to facilitate the transfer of many aspects of what he does to the organization a step at a time.

Continued meetings by teleconference and other means is necessary as different people’s roles become more specialized.

Some of us are very allergic to the idea of belonging to an organization, and this value of self-government, while simultaneously having enough structure and central controls to prevent emotional violence and to prevent having the organization hijacked. So although it’s difficult to want to commit to an organization, the value of working together as community with primarily consensus decision making has the best chance of suiting all of the people involved.

We recognize that our various forms of resistance are related to other organizations in the past. After seeing them go through periods of deep dysfunction, we have concerns about preventing those forms of dysfunction in this community. We have many different ideas for creating community that thrives with spiritual and emotional health, but the idea of creating an ongoing consensus process which is essentially self-generated as it moves forward is a radical dynamic to use.

However, the process cannot be free-form—it has to be managed in some way. What are the roles of different people who are involved? What are we actually going to do exactly? Having roles defined will give some shape or structure to the community and help things to begin to evolve from the initial definitions of these roles.

But there’s a fine line between recognizing and supporting leadership and becoming too “corporate.” It’s even difficult to talk about “leading a community,” because by definition, if it’s led, it’s not spontaneous community. This is why Cougar will need guidance in moving forward.

Several Decisions from the First Meeting:

Cougar will take notes and then post them for comments. Paschal will take all of the comments and write them up into a new version that incorporates everyone’s comments—if he has time. (If he doesn’t he’ll ask for help.) Then this final draft, after approval, will be published publically as a blog.

We will create a Newbie Meeting for the first week or so in December starting on the 28th of November. Cougar will send out a meeting scheduler to select the date.

When we have meetings by teleconference, we request that people show up early to socialize so that we can begin at the starting time, or at least very soon afterwords.

Additional proposals and notes from Cougar:

  • I just attended a leadership training seminar for Ashara’s Univera business. From this meeting, I have many new ideas about how to organize the presentation we do at the Newbie Meeting. My proposal is that I write this up in the next few days and also post it as a hidden blog like this one for comment. I request a volunteer to take work with me to incorporate the comments and feedback we get into the final presentation outline for the Newbie meeting.
  • My intention is to use the “Talking Stick, Talking Mirror” format for the Newbie Meeting with the presentation that we agree on, because this will give anyone who attends access to the first technique when they first meet with their first Clarity Buddy.
  • I think our next meeting needs to deal with the relationship between new members and the decision making process. I have several proposals for that, some of which I’m not certain about myself. I would like to post these proposals as another hidden blog like this one for your thoughts and comments before the next meeting. I’m wondering if it would be appropriate to schedule a longer meeting which is a Wisdom Council.

3 responses to “Organization Notes November 17, 2011

  1. While on the phone with Cougar just now, I came up with some thoughts about the ‘newbie’ alternative:

    We were called the Clarity Community (ed. now the Joyful Wisdom Community), and can see from Meredith’s email that we do in fact offer great clarity by reflecting, hearing, listening, seeing.

    On that note, I would like to suggest some alternatives to ‘newbie meeting’:


    Venus symbol (coming from the top half of the symbol representing a mirror, and the advantage of being more in touch with our Feminine on this Earth)
    Medusa’s demise (the horror of snakes and nightmares was eventually beaten by using a mirror)

    The calm after the storm
    Smiling Sun

    These are just words for now, and I invite you to add or take away as you please

  2. Hi, Pascal,
    I like the way you’ve drawn together a lot of ideas, including from Meredith.
    How about the newbie meeting be called:
    Joyful Wisdom Sunrise–Listening, Hearing, Reflecting, & Seeing
    Who else has a proposal?
    I’ll be sending out a new scheduling email this evening. In the next day, I hope to send out a proposed outline of what we present.

  3. Great ideas, Pascal and Cougar. I like “Joyful Wisdom Sunrise…” or “Joyful Wisdom Daybreak….” best.

    I’m also realizing that I might take my own notes next time we have a teleconference because I can’t remember everything we talked about and decided, so I don’t feel like I’ll be much help this time reviewing the official notes.

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