Confessions of a Modern-Day Walter Mitty

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Is Your Clarity & Sense of Purpose a Delusion?


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Have you ever felt like your future suddenly came into clear focus? Suddenly, you knew what you were supposed to do with your life, as if your guardian angel had descended from the heavens and handed you your personalized marching orders? I believe I’m not the only person in the world who has felt this on occasion.

On the other hand, do you remember who Walter Mitty is? In 1939, the New Yorker published The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by humorist James Thurber, the story of an insignificant and oppressed loser who embellishes his sorry life with constant daydreams of heroism, fame, status, and power. This made such an impact on our society that it was made into a 1947 film (with Danny Kaye) and a 2013 film (with Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig, Shirley MacLaine, and Kathryn Hahn). Continue reading

You Say You Can’t Meditate? Is That Really True?

thinkerRodinFrequently when I talk about inner silence and meditation, I run into someone who says, “Don’t talk to me about meditation. I can’t meditate.” So I know that this is a real problem for a significant number of people. (For the purpose of this blog, the term “meditation” refers to the process of focusing on a single thing, such as the breath, a mantra, or a mandala.)

Since I have identified inner silence as one of the superpowers that’s available to everyone, I want to help, so I’ve regularly asked these people what they mean. I think that the problem is a misunderstanding, and that’s my fault and the fault of others who study and teach various forms of meditation.
Read more about why you’re great at meditating, even if you think you can’t do it.

How Joyful Wisdom Inner Silence Practices Relate to Ancient Meditation Practices

At the University of Waterloo in 1976, I wrote my thesis on what links all of the different forms of meditation, as well as all of the highest forms of psychology. Although I also demonstrated the differences between these practices, I focused especially on what they all have in common, which is a move towards inner silence.
Read more about my earliest experiences with each of the four fundamental skills.

Our Newest App “Use Inner Silence to Be More Thoughtful Throughout your Daily Life”

Stressed? You can use the free Joyful Wisdom Community Inner Silence App to center yourself in as little as five to ten minutes—no matter what the situation. Just click the URL and do it.

You have something deeper to work out? Use the same app, but take a little longer than five or ten minutes. Every single time you use it for a longer period of time, it will always lead you to a deeper understanding of whatever you’re working on—consistently.
Read more about how to use this Inner Silence app and what it’d good for.

The Real Deal: What the Mayan Elders Really Say About 12/21/12

The Mayan Council of Elders commissioned “Shift of the Ages” to bring their message to you.  Stream this movie for free until December 21. This cut-off date has been extended to January 15. This movie is still available by going the Shift of the Ages website by clicking the image below.


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Practical Ways to Remove the Walls and Connect from the Heart

Test Yourself

In your mind, create an imaginary scale or meter. At one end, there is a number 10 and the words, “I believe this completely.” At the other end, there is a number 1 and the words, “When I say this, I feel like a complete phony.”

Imagine that you’re a debating hall, and whether or not you win the debate depends on how completely you believe the following phrases. Which ones work for you, and which do not?

  • We are all one, and I view everyone I see as part of me.
  • We’re all connected, and I’m affected by everyone’s problems, feelings, and issues.
  • I feel love for everyone in the world, and I have no one left to forgive.

Read more about how I learned to use inner silence to break down the walls between people.

Combine Your Joyful Wisdom Conversations with Apps to Enhance Your Insights

I did a Wisdom Council awhile back with a Joyful Wisdom buddy. I was able to work through a lot of feelings and discovered that I was resisting using some of the Joyful Wisdom tools because of negative memories about other groups I was in several years ago that split up. I was blocked because I was afraid to help build another community. It was an emotional Wisdom Council, but opened up a lot of possibility. One choice I made was to subscribe to the Joyful Wisdom tools and really start using them. I subscribed to the apps that same day.
Read more about how the tools helped me diagnosis and solve personal problems.