The Heart Chakra Meditation

Every person who leads the Heart Chakra Meditation does it differently, and usually, we do it differently whenever we lead it. This is a general guideline, and not an exact script that you’ll follow every time you lead a Joyful Wisdom Group.

It’s a good idea to share the leading of every group. If you’re the facilitator for the whole group—which essentially means that you’re the person who rings the chime—it’s a good idea to ask other people to lead other parts of the meeting, such as the Heart Chakra Meditation and the Conscious Evolution meditation at the end (AKA Boosting).

We’re going to start with the heart chakra meditation. There’s a breathing technique from the yoga practiced in Southern India called Yin Yang Balancing. Part of this is using your imagination, and imagining that energy from the sun is white, yang energy. Imagine that energy from the earth is blue yin energy.

So please take deep, rhythmic breaths, and when you breathe in, imagine that white, Yang energy is entering the top of your head, descending down your spine, and flowing down into the earth. When you breathe out, imagine that blue yin energy is rising from the earth, flowing up your spine, and flowing out into the sky. Just breathe this way for a couple of breaths.

Now imagine that you can make both of the yin and the yang energy collect in your heart. Imagine that when you do this, there’s a ball of energy growing in your heart that feels warm. You might want to remember the feeling of love in your heart, because that’s the same feeling we’re trying to generate.

Imagine that the ball of energy gets warmer and larger as more and more energy collects in it. Imagine that it soon gets large enough to surround your body. Imagine sharing that energy with people around you, and imagine feeling their energy being shared with you. Imagine that your ball of energy is growing, and that you can share with people two rows in front and behind you, three rows, six rows, the entire section your sitting in. And now imagine sharing your heart energy with everyone in this auditorium.


Imagine that you can send out waves of energy from your heart that extend further and further out. Those waves of heart energy reach other parts of the neighbourhood. The city. The province. Keep sending out waves of energy from your heart until you have sent it to the entire world.


If you can, allow this energy to help you connect to the perspectives of people far away, and bring some of that perspective back to you as you begin to withdraw your heart energy, bringing it back to this room, to you and a couple people sitting near you.


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