Greater Rewards from Greater Involvement

After you’ve been involved with your Joyful Wisdom Buddies for a while, you may eventually come to trust the Joyful Wisdom Community organization as being exactly what it claims to be. When this happens, you may want to become more involved.

What I can promise you is that I’m actively seeking ways to ensure that any volunteer action you take will also benefit you. This is my intention and goal,  and even if I fail at any given time, it is still my commitment.

How does this work? What can you do that will help the Joyful Wisdom Community, and how will it reward you?

  1. The first thing you can volunteer to do is to build a complete cluster of at least three people who you want to grow closer to. Not only will this provide you with rich and rewarding relationships, but it is also the best thing you can do to help the Joyful Wisdom Community grow.
  2. Volunteer to become a temporary Joyful Wisdom Buddy for someone you don’t know who requests one through this website. When your temporary Joyful Wisdom Buddy reciprocates, you’ll get an entirely different perspective and feedback than any of your existing circle of friends can give you—and that will repay you for volunteering more than it costs you in your time.
  3. Navigate through the Joyful Wisdom Navigation page, and select a Supplementary Method. Learn that method from me, reciprocate, teach it to a Joyful Wisdom Buddy or two, and volunteer to teach it to others as well. In this way, you not only get to learn the new method, but you also make it available to the rest of the organization.
  4. Leave comments on these blog pages. Then, when enough comments have accumulated, take part in revising the pages you’ve commented on. In taking part, you’ll use the Basic Co-Mentoring tools in a larger group, which is an entirely different experience that what you experience with your Joyful Wisdom Buddies.
  5. Engage in Mutual Choice sessions with your Joyful Wisdom Buddy. Then post your insights onto the appropriate blog post as comments. Participate in integrating the experiences and suggestions by other members into the page. This is especially helpful in you and your Joyful Wisdom Buddy
  6. Discussing the issues in the Mutual Choice section that address the needs of the organization is the most important volunteer work that you can do right now.  See the page: What Should We Do with This Organization of Ours?


In the comments section of this page, please indicate which of these group discussions you’re volunteering for. When I have a group of three people for any given discussion topic, I will schedule the first group dialog.

If  you volunteer, you will be attending a historic event, shaping the Joyful Wisdom Community today, helping to set its course into the future, and developing your own insight skills by practicing them on a project that goes beyond your personal concerns.

On this page, please leave any comments and questions you wish to leave. I’m especially interested in reports about:

  • What you would like to volunteer to do.
  • At the current time, there are more opportunities to volunteer as a member of a planning group, as described above. If you volunteer for such a planning group, which topics are you most interested in? (You can make complex requests, such as, “I’m interested in almost all of the topics, but especially____, and not ____.”)
  • How volunteering would serve both you and others.
  • Volunteer jobs that you suggest.

In the future, you won’t need to leave your comments on pages like this. For details, please read You’ll Soon Have Your Own Blog.

Thank you.

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