Discuss Mutual Choice Topics with Your Clarity Buddy

When you first join the Joyful Wisdom Community—by accepting an invitation to become someone’s Joyful Wisdom Buddy—you’ll probably be most interested in finding answers for questions you have about your own life, goals, and concerns. Since you’ll be trading conversations, you’ll also learn a great deal about your buddy’s life, goals, and concerns, and you’ll find that these reciprocated conversations are as meaningful as the conversations about your own issues.

As you resolve your own issues and deepen your relationships, you might also find yourself interested in questions that many other people in the Joyful Wisdom Community are discussing. These include:

For example, in my conversations with my Joyful Wisdom Buddies, I’ve discovered that all of us have issues with time management, and for that reason, I plan to create a Time Management Mutual Choice Topic page to collect the wisdom of this organization about time management so that I can add it this site as a blog post with a Time Management tag.

Then, any time you and a Joyful Wisdom Buddy discuss time management, you would have an appropriate place to record your insights and conclusions, so that the next time anyone in the Joyful Wisdom Community wants to choose this Mutual Choice Topic, they’ll start out with your insights already in their minds.

This process will create evolving traditions.

If (and only if) these topics interest both you and your Joyful Wisdom Buddy, you can consider them a Mutual Choice topic.

What this means is that if you’re taking turns with your Joyful Wisdom Buddy talking about personal questions, Mutual Choices topics don’t count. In other words, your schedule of conversations with one of your Joyful Wisdom Buddies might look like this:

  • Monday, the 5th—Talking Stick, Talking Mirror, my topic.
  • Friday, the 9th—Talking Stick, Talking Mirror, my Buddy’s topic.
  • Thursday, the 15th—Talking Stick, Talking Mirror, Mutual Choice Topic, Time Management.
  • Tuesday, the 20th—Chrysalis Wisdom Council, Mutual Choice Topic, Time Management.
  • Saturday, the 24th—Chrysalis Wisdom Council, my topic.
  • Saturday, the 1st—Chrysalis Wisdom Council, my Buddy’s topic.
  • Thursday, the 6th—Chrysalis Wisdom Council, Mutual Choice Topic, How Should We Structure the Organization Part of the Joyful Wisdom Community?

Before each of the Mutual Choice Topics, both my Joyful Wisdom Buddy and I will go to the page about that topic and read the insights that other members of the Joyful Wisdom Community have addressed there. Thus, when you start talking about Time Management, you’ll already understand some of the insights that other Joyful Wisdom Community members have had using both the Basic Co-Mentoring methods and Supplementary methods.

After each of the Mutual Choice topics, both my Joyful Wisdom Buddy and I will go to the page about that topic and share our insights, also recording which methods we used to realize these insights.

When you leave a comment, you may also join a larger group to rewrite the page about that topic as part of the Joyful Wisdom Community’s member-generated tradition. For instance, if you leave a comment on the Time Management page after doing a Wisdom Council on the topic with your Joyful Wisdom Buddy, you can become part of a larger discussion of Time Management. This larger group will not only develop better to Time Management from our organization’s point of view, but you’ll also be able to influence the automated methods that I present to members on the Joyful Wisdom Journey site.

To join such a group, please also go to the Greater Rewards from Greater Involvement page and make that request from the comments section.


On this page, please limit your comments to discussing Mutual Choice Topics in general. To propose a Mutual Choice Topic, please use the Comments section that most fits your topic:

However, if you want to propose a Mutual Choice Topic which doesn’t fit into the other categories, and if you have already discussed this with a Joyful Wisdom Buddy, suggest it here.

Thank you.

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